D-1 Approach of Food Delivery in Train: A Journey from Food Order to Delivery

Delivering food in train is now an indispensable part of Indian Railway. It has become a responsibility cum duty to provide healthy and hygienic food on track to satiate the taste buds of the travelers during their train journey. The initiative was sta

Indian Railway

Medical Facilities on Wheels by Indian Railways

Indian Railways is highly concerned of passengers’ safety in every manner. With the advent of internet, it has advanced its services and adopted digitization in every possible way. Now, it has become easier to reach the destination safely. From apprais


Festive Food Fiesta: 10 Navratri Food Items to Order in Train Journey

Navratri is one of the most celebrated Hindu festivals to invoke goddess “Durga”. “Navratri” is a Sanskrit word, mix up with the word, “Nava” means nine and “Ratri” means night. It spans nine nights to rejoice every year. It is believed that Navratri i

Indian Railway

Swachh Bhartiya Rail: A Tribute to Gandhi on his Birth Anniversary

“Be the Change you want to see in the world”, a truly inspirational thought adopted by our “Father of Nation”, Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi was the backbone of Indian Independence. The soul who believed in the concept of “simple living high thinking”


Jaipur Shopping Festival 2019: Destination to Witness the Glittering Pride of “Pink City”

Doused in a pacifying pink, resplendent in the shades of its magnificent and splendid past, the “pink city” Jaipur is an interesting remedy to plan your trip whenever a change is needed from routine life. Jaipur is a culturally rich vibrant destination