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Monsoon is about to hit most of the parts of India and it’s the time to bade bye to the on-going scorching heat of summer season. It’s the time when you can just take a break and do something apart from your mundane life. Monsoon holidays in India are surely a lifetime experience as the exotic locations leave you spellbound with its beauty. The hills and mountains get carpeted with lush greenery, the lakes overflow with sparkling water, the waterfall sceneries become heavenly to make you fall in love with Incredible India.

If you are one of those who don’t mind getting a wee bit wet, then these 10 amazing places to visit in monsoon in India are perfect for sipping a hot coffee and enjoying the hot pakodas:

  • Lonavala (Maharashtra): With the onset of monsoon, the Sahyadri mountain ranges and the ghats revive with alluring greenery, breath taking waterfalls and pleasant climate. For a quick escape from the bustling city, plan a trip to the quaint hill town of Lonavala. You can reach this place via cab. If one’s staying far away fro Mumbai, you can easily catch a train for Mumbai CSTM. You can reach here from every part of India via trains. If your journey time exceeds more than 6 hours, you can pre order food in train and enjoy your journey.

  • Goa: The most sought holiday destination which every youngster awaits. You think vacation you think Goa. There is no one who can ever get enough of this city. Goa is just perfect no matter what the season is, whether it’s a two days trip, one week trip or even a month.The beaches, the boat rides, the long chain of restaurants, the fish fries and the alcohol. But during rainy season it’s less crowded. The ambiance of the city is softer calmer in contrast to its usual party mood. So if you’re looking for a break and too tired to party, head to Goa during rainy season. If you are traveling from New Delhi or any location, you can order food in train.

  • Kodaikanal: It is popularly known as “Princess of Hill Stations”. Situated in the Palani hills of western ghat it offers enchanting waterfalls, lakes and lush greenery and spectacular views of the ghats and hills. If you are traveling via train, you will be crossing locations such as Vijaywada, Vishakhapatnam, Gudur, Chennai. Now, you don’t have to crave for your favorite dishes while traveling in train. You can order food at Vijawada Jn. from our catering partner. You can also order food in train at Chennai central. To check for confirmation on your food orders in train, you may call on 8102888111.

  • Coorg: Known for its dense forest cover, it also serves as a biodiversity hotspot showcasing wide variety of flora and fauna. This romantic destination offers enchanting waterfalls, lakes, vast coffee plantations and delicious cuisines to treat your taste buds. How to reach: 5 hours (~270.4 km) from Bangalore via road if you are planning to go on a road trip. The nearest airports are Mysore at 120 km, Mangalore which is 135 km far and Bangalore at 260 km. Coorg doesn’t have a station by itself but the nearest railway stations are Mysore, Mangalore and Hassan. You can order food at Mysore or also order food at Mangalore junction via e-catering services.

  • Munnar: Munnar is truly a paradise in God’s own country. With silvery mist, incredibly vast tea gardens, lush green hills, romantic atmosphere and pleasant climate, this hill station is truly one of the favourite tourist places in India during monsoons. You can reach either via road trip or the nearest railway station are Aluva and Ernakulam which are the major cities in Kerala. If you want to enjoy the regional cuisines, you can order food at Ernakulam junction.

  • Shillong: One of the best places in India during monsoons is the city of Shillong which receives heaviest rainfall during the rainy season. Surrounded by picturesque valleys of Khasi and Jayanti hills, adorned by numerous waterfalls, Shillong offers a panoramic view of green natural scenery.How to reach: By train- The closest railway station from Shillong is in Guwahati. It’s about 100 kilometres away and you can easily take a taxi from there. The Guwahati railway station is connected to New Delhi and other major cities across the country.

  • Pondicherry: The postcard-perfect city of Pondicherry lures you in with its old-world beauty and quaint charm. The wet months add a dash of romance and create a cool ambience in the city making Pondicherry a must visit monsoon destination in India.How to reach: The nearest rail station from Pondicherry is Villupuram, which is about 35 kilometres away from the town.

  • Ranikhet: It’s one of the most beautiful monsoon destination in India is situated in Uttarakhand. Ranikhet, The picturesque location is surrounded by hills, blessed with a pleasant climate, lush green forests and famous for majestic views of great Himalayan Ranges.How to reach: There is no direct train between New Delhi and Ranikhet. You can take Utr Samprk K Ex from New Delhi to Kashipur then take a taxi from Kashipur to Ranikhet. You can place your food orders in train on the go with Railrestro.

  • Alibaugh- Maharashtra : Alibaug is a beautiful town and is located in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. The tourist population in this town is growing because of its scenic beauty and the hinterland of the Israeli-Jews. Apart from being a popular tourist hub, the town is also well-known for its rich history, appetizing seafood and culture.How to reach: The nearest railway station is located at Pen. The railway station is connection to Panvel in Mumbai through the Central Railway station. One can then reach Alibaug by local transport (buses, taxis, auto-rickshaws). You can order food at Panvel during your trip via train.

  • Jog Falls- Karnataka: The waterfall consists of four distinct cascades – known locally as Raja, Rani, Rover and Rocket. The four cascades merge to form the huge waterfall. The beauty of the waterfalls is enhanced by the lush green surroundings, which provides a scenic backdrop to the falls. A perfect place to drive to in the rainy season.How to reach: Jog falls are 430 Kms away from Bangalore, about 6 hours drive.

With such wider options, there won’t be any reason left for you to stay at home and not get wet this monsoon season. You don’t have to worry for food concerns and carry the burden along with your luggage. Now, with E-catering services in place, you can enjoy your monsoon trip and get your favorite food during your train journey. If you traveling with your loved ones or friends in group, contact us for bulk food orders in train, as we have special offers for bulk food orders in train.

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