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Rising mercury levels to new high everyday drains out the water and starves the body cells. Temperature levels and humidity have escalated to new levels and broke the records of past few decades. The decline in electrolytes due to excessive sweating makes us feel low in terms of energy. In order to prevent the body from heat strokes, one needs to stay hydrated with some refreshing foods. Here are 10 refreshing foods that help us beat the heat in Indian summers:

  1. Curd/Yogurt:

`The Indian pro-biotic drink which boasts all the nutritional requirements, serves as natural coolant. A lot of drinks span in Indian drinks with curd being the key ingredient such as buttermilk, Chachh and multiple raitas. One can also use many fruits along with curd to prepare lip-smacking desserts.

  1. Coconut Water:

It not only helps in maintaining the electrolyte balance of the body but also has many minerals which nurture the cells. Cytokines, being the major ingredient serves as growth promoter for body cells. It’s also been proven to be effective for gastro patients and act as anti-cancerous drink as well.

  1. Aam Panna:

The drink which believes to be one stop cure for heatstroke caused during the summers. People just love the refreshing taste of pressure cooked raw mangoes which are blended with black pepper powder and can be spiced up by adding soda to it.

  1. Watermelon:

It comprises of 80% water content act as the best hydrating agent for summers. It can be consumed raw post cooling or can be used to make other variants of sherbet. It is also a rich source of anti-oxidants which has anti-ageing effect.

  1. Cucumber:

This in-expensive, crunchy vegetable serves as major ingredient of Indian salads. It contains a lot of fibres that can help in keeping constipation at bay. These can be used in multiple ways such as, in veg sandwiches, salads or can be consumed raw on the go.

  1. Lime Water:

AKA “Nimboo Pani” is not only refreshing but has many health benefits. One can have it either along with sugar or salt. Being rich in Vitamic C, it helps in improving the body immunity while helping you beat the heat.

  1. Jal Jeera:

It was mostly a homemade invention and helps in digestion. When served with pinch of chaat masala and black slat, it serves very refreshing during the summers.

  1. Chocolate Smoothies:

Children as very fond of smoothies and parents can make use of easily available chocolate syrups along with milk and ice-cream. These drinks are very refreshing during summers.

  1. Mint:

Popularly known as “Pudina” , is an inexpensive which can be added to raita or used as chutney. This is very refreshing and helps in digestion as well. It has many medicinal properties for gastro disorders.

  1. Ice-creams:

These can be used along with fruits to charge your body. They are refreshing as well as rich in calories, helping you replenish the drained energy during summers.

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