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Summer vacations have kicked off just now and it must be a time when you might be on roll with your train tickets booked and all set to go ahead with your planned itinerary. You might be traveling solo or maybe a family trip or a weekends gateway. Whatever it might be but you must be on to make your plan work as per your expectations. For a smooth trip, you should put a focus on some of the key ingredients like you should give an importance to each and every need during the journey. Apart from this, you should maintain right equilibrium between travel times and breaks required in a trip. In a hurry, these might cause frustration and crankiness when you find yourself overtired and bored. There are many outstanding travel hacks that will help you making your travel full of fun even with little angels.

Let’s get started with some of the must travel tips that one should follow to make their trip, a great memory:

  1. Elaborate Everyone About The Trip: You might have made the best plan with all the connecting trains lined up in a proper timeline. But, you need to discuss the same with the ones you’re traveling. Giving an overview to everyone can save your times while traveling as your fellow travelers can exchange best of their ideas in terms of travel and other options during the trip.Discuss on the boarding details, like seat numbers, coach number can help you avoid the hassle.

  2. File-up travel itinerary: With Adhar being a mandatory requirement while traveling in train, you don’t need to miss on important documents like your tickets, Aadhar documents, hotel booking receipts and details of places of your trip.The best way to do is to scan all these documents and keep them handy in your smartphone.You may also carry hard copies of the same in some stick files.

  3. Book food in train: If you are traveling on long trip and covering multiple locations in one go, you need to plan your food beforehand. You can book your food in train in advance either from IRCTC e-catering portal or from authorized e-catering service partners. You can also order food in train on the go on call at 1323 or at 8102888111. Chose from the regional specialties while placing your food orders and you can get it delivered at your seat.You can plan to order food in train for diabetic family members.In case you hail from a jain family, you can also order Jain food in train.

  4. Smart Packing: This is very vital for your trip. Your packing task should start with aggregating the essentials followed by the dresses and daily need things which you would require in your trip. Make sure you also make arrangement for few warm clothes if you are traveling to some hilly areas. Don’t forget to include essential medicines and daily medicinal needs for elderly traveling with you. You should also include neck pillows to care for your parents.Munching items are generally expensive in train. You can pack some of them or include home made items.

  5. Check for Birth preferences: This is vital as your elderly family members would prefer the lower birth instead of other options.You can opt to book only if you get your preferred choice.

  6. Check-in Tips: Make sure you have received the check-in details from your lodging hotel.In case you want to check in early, you can call their help desk center and inform them beforehand.Collect the essentials and check for conveyance facilities available.

  7. Don’t forget Camera: Capturing amazing memories requires you to have a great lensmen with you. You better don’t forget to include your DSLR before taking off for your trip.This will surely help you enjoy the times you spent during your travel when you get back from your trip and also share it with your loved ones.Capturing amazing memories can make things memorable.

  8. Schedule Vacation Responders: You don’t want people to bug you while you are on a trip to far away location. You can configure a quick vacation responder in your business emails with proper info on people to be contacted for your absence. This will make people who are trying to reach out to you, be acquainted with your tour plan and time for your arrival.

  9. Presume The Surprises: You might get to face some extra or miss on to something you have been planning for in your trip.Be prepared for such missed locations and surprises in your vacation plans.

  10. Share Feedback on the services You Avail: Your reviews for the different services that you avail during your trip can serve as a guiding yardstick for people who would be planing a similar trip ahead. You might also check for Google reviews while availing any services, whether it’s food in trains or booking a hotel or cab fair towards any location.

Make sure you keep these aforementioned tips while planing your trip and pre-book meals in train beforehand to avoid any travel hassle.

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