Group travelling can be one of the best or the worst trips of your life, depending on your experience. They can become one of the most amazing times in our lives, where we bond with our friends and travel companions and reminisce about the group trip for years to come.


Travelling in a group has its own special place in the heart of travellers as it allows you to experience fun and love with your friends and family. Add to this, an Indian train journey! There is nothing more enjoyable and satisfying than going on a train journey with your near and dear ones.


Tips for Group Travelling If You Are on a Budget

When we talk about travelling in a group, some of the first things that strike our mind are inside jokes, great stories, learning more about travelling, and lots of laughs. Unfortunately, it also usually involves more precise planning and a lot of organization, which can result in tension, indecisiveness and bad planning.


Here are 6 tips for group travel via train which will come very useful for all travellers.


1. Decide Where You Want to Go

It is very important to decide your destination if you want to plan your travel on a budget. Defining where you would like to go sets an objective for you. You must have seen some travellers speak about their travel plans vaguely. They never say clearly about their destination; they only say that they are going on a vacation. Choosing a destination is particularly important because you have a clear purpose.

Choosing a destination is the first step towards determining the total expenses for your journey. If you are sure about your destination and what you are going to do there, then you can decide how and where you are going to spend the money.


2. Decide the Total Expense

When you are going on a group tour, you have to decide on a budget of each individual, since not all of them can afford the same. Therefore, get along with a small budget, unanimously decided. The whole planning will be smooth, as the majority of the group will be left with little pressure to spend.


Decisions on the selection of a destination are also more straightforward, especially because of the fixed budget.

If there is something that needs to be discussed regarding the total budget of the plan, discuss with all the group members. Although there is always a leader who handles the majority of planning work for a trip, it’s always better to take everyone in confidence about the total expenses and where all the money will be spent.


3. Go to Pocket-Friendly Yet Glamorous Destinations

If you are planning a group trip via train, always choose pocket-friendly destinations. Yet, it should be beautiful and glamorous at the same time. There are many places in India which fall under this category. Many tourist destinations of North-East are not very expensive, yet they are perfect for a group excursion.

Discuss with all the group members about the place where you want to go. There should be no confusion left in the minds of people about when and where the trip is going to be. Still, if you feel like there is some confusion, ask all the group members about it. When everyone is ready for the same destination, you can proceed further.


4. Save Money While Ordering Food

If you are travelling in a group, why order food individually? You can get impressive discounts on bulk orders from RailRestro. When you order food in train, you get the option of ‘Group Food Order’ if you are travelling in a group of 10-15 people. Veg Platter or combo meals are highly recommended on a group trip, as they save money and can satisfy the taste buds of vegan and non-vegetarian people both.

Group food ordering on the train also allows you to bring everyone together. If everyone orders individually, it ends the very purpose of group travelling. If for some reasons like internet connectivity issues, you can’t order group food in train from RailRestro app or website, then you can place your order directly by making a call on 8102202203.


5. Download Some Travel Apps

If you are planning a trip via train, then you must have a good train travel app like RailRestro or RailMitra. These apps will allow you to plan your journey in a more efficient manner. Rail tools from RailMitra such as Train Schedule, Live Running Status, Seat Availability, etc., come very handy when you are going to book train tickets for your journey.

Apart from getting different railway-related services, you can also order food on trains from the RailRestro app. Make your journey comfortable and delectable with RailRestro. If you are confused about what to order, see the list of the best food to order online on trains.


6. Book Restaurants and Activities in Advance

Yes! It is very important to book hotels and other activities that you are going to do well in advance. This will not only save you money but also any last moment haste as well. You must download hotel booking apps on your phone like MMT, Oyo, Goibibo, etc.

It is also worth calling ahead of time and booking to make sure you can make a group reservation. This also applies to any scheduled events which you want to attend at the destination. You can also pre-book your meal in advance from RailRestro so that you can enjoy your trip without having to worry about ordering food in train.


If you are planning a trip with your friends and family, these tips will surely come in handy.

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