Food ordering in Train

Planning a journey is exciting and delightful, but also leaves you in a state of bewilderment, when it comes to food. Whether it’s a planned long journey or a short trip to a mesmerizing tourist destination, one of the biggest things is to decide about food, as one has to know the specialties of each junction, in the route for a better food experience.

Thanks to the E catering companies!!!  You can order online food in train by simply choosing the dishes with quantity, and your food is just a few clicks away.

We have listed seven best dishes you can order online while travelling via trains.

  •  Idli/Poha: Starting your day with something light keeps you fit and healthy, and so is the case in journey. These fluffy rice cakes (idli) have less calories and Poha, made from rice flakes contains good amount of energy, protein and carbohydrate for a great start.
  • Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Thali: This perfect lunch package acts as a catalyst for the food lovers during journey. It incorporates sensible quantity of rice, dal, serving of mixed greens, chapattis etc. It serves as a complete food while travelling.
  • Biriyani and Raita:  Rice is cooked in different styles and one of them is Biriyani. This special Awadhi cuisine tastes best with Raita/salad and considered as one of the convenient option for lunch.
  • Aaloo Puri: It is one of the versatile items for journey, since ages. The boiled potatoes are shallow fried with cumin seeds and is served with deep fried crispy puris making your journey enjoyable with friends and family.
  • Mini Combos: Many restaurants provide mini combo meals for those, who don’t like to consume heavy food in their journey. These mini combos include Aaloo Matar with puri, Chana Bhatura, Stuffed Paratha Combo, Tandoori roti and curry etc.
  • Non Vegetarian Combos:  Just like vegetarian mini combos there are multiple delights for non vegetarian lovers. Some of them are Chicken Curry with roti, Butter Naan with chicken 65, and so on.
  • Sweets/Custard/Drinks: Indian food cannot be punctuated without sweets and refreshing drinks. Sweet such as Gulab Jamun or Jalebi is easily available in any route you travel. Some refreshing drinks such as Aamras or litchi juice are a complementary for taste buds.

Food delivery in train, of your choice, is no more a dream now. Order your best delicacies in no time.

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Author: Manish Chandra