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Uttar Pradesh houses a galore of spiritual destinations. Allahabad is one of the places which people throng during the Maagh season and during the most famous Kumbh Mela which incur every 12 years. Hindu mythology has it that for the Prakrishta Yajna, Lord Brahma, the creator God of the Trinity, chose a land on earth, on which the three rivers would flow in to a quiet confluence. Brahma also referred to it as Tirth Raj or the King of all pilgrimage centres. Allahabad is situated at the confluence of two sacred Indian rivers (popularly referred to as “Sangam”) namely, The Ganges & the Yamuna. As the evening sun sets in, pandas perform puja rituals as devotees line up the Ghats of Sangam offering their prayers to Goddess Ganga to offer them peace and solace. Allahabad, a culturally rich city of Uttar Pradesh, is also known for its cuisines.

Allahabad is known to patronize Mughal cooking. One may expect to get a taste of Awadhi cuisine also in Allahabad as traditional chefs battle it out to maintain the balance between the two. Dum Briyani, Kebabas & Mutton recipes are speciality of Allahabad and you will rarely forget the taste, in case you try any of these once.

Main course meals in traditional eateries include Zamin Doz Macchli. As the name signifies, it’s a mughlai dish in which stuffed fish is prepared in earthenware pots. This gives a fresh feel to the preparation and makes the dish unique throughout the region.

Among vegetarian cuisines, Dum Bhindi and Shab Deg are some other popular preparations in Allahabad that deserve to be tried. Dum bhindi is traditionally okra marinated in yogurt. Shab Deg includes mutton, mince meat, turnips and raw papaya. The tandoori dish is a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian and is perfect fit for foodie who wishes to explore the best food.

For Sweet tooth people, you would rarely be disappointed as the city has numerous dishes to soothe the palate with sweets. Gujia, Gulab Jamuns, Kheer, Sheeer Qorma and Ghewar are some of traditional sweeteners that have made Allahabad popular among die hard foodies. One can also try Tandoori naan & Lachha Paratha with locally prepared achaar.

Travelers passing by the city may order these from local restaurants in train. Railrestro partners based in Allahabad would deliver these cuisines while you are travelling in train. The famous Motichoor ke Laddo is a unique special thing you can order in train.

For those who travel to Allahabad every year to attend Maagh Mela for the sacred dip, you can now be relieved for your food concerns while travelling in train. Regional food specialities would be at your seat with just a call at 8102888111.In case you are travelling in groups, you can customize your order and also receive special offers on your orders. Order food at Allahabad junction and get it straight from the ovens of famous eateries. Happy ordering!

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