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Indian Railways has been making every effort to ease the travel experiences of people who cannot afford to reserve their travel ticket. Train number 22877/22878- Antyodya Express which runs between Ernakulam (ERS) and Howrah (HWH) adds feather in the efforts to make train journey better for many. It was launched on February, 2017. The prime features included:

  • These trains feature completely Unreserved/General coaches
  • Additional Charging ports for charging electronic devices such as mobiles, laptops etc.
  • Bio toilets in compartments- a unique feature which has been started for the first time in this train.
  • The exterior of coaches have a futuristic look with the use of vinyl sheets: This offers a better look.
  • Safety measures in compartments such as introduction of smoke alarms and CCTV cameras: This would help in giving a safer travel experiences to the railway travelers.
  • Aquaguard water vending machines: Indian Railway has tied up with best water purifier solution provider of India, Aquaguard. Purifier units would be installed in the Railway coaches. This will help people to fill-in their bottle without getting off from train. These would also solve the hygiene issue in terms of water in trains.
  • Special coat hangers and Braille Indicators.
  • LHB rake is used: which offers more space.

Here’s a quick video explaining the features present in this train:


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