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Quick Tips on How You Can Add Comfort to Your Father Travel Plans- Happy Father’s Day

Travel plans are sometimes planned and mostly random when it relates to commuting for a sudden call. Everyone must have traveled with dad right from their childhood for some excursion trip during vacations or for some academic concerns during their tee


5 Must Have Apps for Train Travelers in India

With the growth of smart phone and digital know-how in India, traveler’s reliance on useful apps has grown further. These applications not only make your on-going travel trip much easier, but also helps you in planning your trip in advance. Some of the


Everything You Need to Know About “Ramadan” – “A Fest of Purity and Compassion”

What would I do, if I am unable to feed a person who has kept Roja for the whole day?” Hajrat Muhammad replied “Even a piece of date and a glass of water will work. Feeding a Famished person coming to your way is the Sutra for the people during the Hol

Indian Railway

Factors Determining W/L Tickets Confirmation In Indian Railways

Planning ones travel journey is never easier and is like a nightmare if one is residing in a country where more than 67% people prefer the transport mode that you have opted for. The mood swings are enormous as you struggle through the long queues or m


Ram Navami Festival: An Occasion to Eulogize the Birth of Lord Rama

हममें से हर कोई भगवन रामचंद्र की कहानी से भली-भांति परिचित है, की वो किस प्रकार अपने वनवास के १४ कठिन सालो को हसते -मुस्कुराते हुए बिता कर अपने नगरी लौटे थे। अयोधया उनका जनम भूमि था जिसे वो अपने माता-पिता के आज्ञा से, बिना मन में किसी पशोपेक्ष के, सबसे