Indian Railway

Indian Railways: Updated rules for Concessions to Students, Senior Citizens and Patients

The operations of Indian Railways are so vast that it constantly updates its rules and policies for the betterment of public and economic development of India. Being a revenue-eccentric organisation with the properties of monopolistic business standard


IRCTC IPO: Can you afford to miss this?

IRCTC had launched Initial public Offering (IPO) of its shares on September 30, 2019 (Monday), with a view to offload 12.6% of Government of India’s stake in the company. IRCTC IPO will help the government rise up to Rs 645 crore. The entire nati

Indian Railway

Indian Railways Fares Hiked! Here’s How Much you will have to Pay Extra

Passengers of Indian Railways have enjoyed an incomparable train travel experience using digital facilities like online ticket booking, checking of PNR status, train schedule and much more. Moreover, the introduction of e-catering in train has made the

Indian Railway

Peeping into old Nostalgic Train Journeys: The Everlasting Memories

First came the steam engines, then came electric locomotives and sooner we will see bullet trains ferrying passengers from one destination to another in our country. The looks have changed and so has the speed. From narrow gauge to broad guage and soon

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2020 Loading………… Strangest New Year Traditions From Around the World

Social gathering, celebrations, festivity, food and events are some of the synonyms to define the zeal of welcoming the New Year 2020. The entire globe gladly welcomes the New Year with immense pomp, show and fervor.Some choose to travel to a new desti