Indian Railway

Duties of TTE in Second Class Sleeper Coach: Things to Know

Indian Railways has divided its operations into zone and divisions to maintain the operational aspects of Railways. It has given some of the spectacular and unforgettable rail journeys thus facilitating passengers by its online and offline services. Mo

Food ordering in Train

How Can You Order Food while Traveling by Train?

In today’s era, everyone is busy with their tight-pack schedules. Every hour which passes by is busy with a fixed timetable, responsibility along with scary thoughts of future. On the contrary, life has bestowed us with the power to act independently.

Kerala welcomes you to the Dazzling Land of Kumarakom

Kerala is a land with waving beaches, backwater cruise, Ayurveda, fragrant spices, jeep safari in the thick wood and yummy delicacies. Defined by its unique cultural and geographical characteristics, Kerala is a Loveland for every tourist who visits he

Bhagat ki Kothi (15623): Discovering the terrains of Rajasthan to Kamakhya

Bhagat ki Kothi is the express train that runs between Bhagat ki Kothi in Rajasthan and Kamakhya in Assam. The train is currently operated with two racks. Train number 15623 is operated between Bhagat ki Kothi, Rajasthan to Kamakhya in Assam while trai


Global Garner with RailRestro – A Paradise for food lovers in Train

Global Garner is a sales generating platform for any possible business. “To run any business, it requires high sales volume”. With the changing scenario, digitization has become a business imperative. Global Garner, an online couponing giant and a repu