Indian Railway

IRCTC Online Ticket Booking Rules and Process

Many passengers book a train ticket from the railway PRS counter by filling a reservation booking form to reserve seats and get paper tickets. With the integration of digitalization by Indian Railways, the facility of IRCTC online train booking tickets

Check Train PNR Status

How To Check Train PNR Status: A Complete Guide

You often come across the word PNR number and PNR status whenever you book your Indian Railway train ticket till you complete your journey. So you must know what the PNR number is and how it is helpful to the passengers before boarding the train. And h

Indian Railway

Top 11 Most Beautiful Railway Stations of India

India is believed to have been the birthplace to many wonders. And most of us, for sure, may not be aware of the exotic and most beautiful railway stations in India. Today, these India’s beautiful railway stations are considered as the treasure o

Food in train

How to Get Healthy Food for a Train Journey?

Train journeys are a pleasure! Covering enthralling and varied landscapes, rail expeditions provide passengers with an unforgettable experience. When you’re enjoying the view of a beautiful landscape outside the window pane, you’re sure to be cra

How to Stock Pantry Sensibly During a Coronavirus? All You Need to Know

The whole world has come to a standstill due to the spread of Covid-19. India has been put under a national lockdown till 31st May 2020 as a precautionary measure against the coronavirus warnings. You cannot predict how long the lockdown may extend. Ho