World Food Day 2021: Prevent Food Wastage on Train

World Food Day is acknowledged annually on 16 October to honor and celebrate the foundation of the Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations. On this day, more than one hundred fifty nations, including India, unite to spread awareness associate

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15 Best Navratri Special Food, That You Can Order on Train

Navratri Special Foods are meals eaten during Navratri fasting for 9 holy days in honor of Goddess Durga. This kind of special food also refers to Vrat ka Khana”, or sattvic food, which means pure and balanced. Now consider a scenario in which yo

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Chicken On Train: Best Food Option For Chicken Lovers While Travelling

Chicken dishes are the best food option on train. Many people turn to chicken because it is a good source of protein. Chicken can be cooked in different ways; such as broil, fry, or bake it. Also, it has an adaptive taste, and it blends well with all k

Food in train

20 Popular and Most Demanding Food on Train

Indian Railways e-catering partners are providing passengers with the best and popular food on the train. Since the IRCTC has authorised food aggregators like RailRestro to serve food on train, passengers are enjoying popular foods from all corners of


10 Vendors that Deliver Mouth-Watering Food in Train

IRCTC e-catering services have changed the way people eat on the train. Millions of passengers prefer rail for commuting in India. Food becomes a necessity in a long-distance journey. Providing passengers with fresh and hygienic food in train is a chal