25 Railway Stations Famous for Best Local Foods in India

Culinary diversity or food diversity is a treasure of India. You will not find any homogeneity in food flavour and taste between North, South, or East and West. Right from the extreme food of North-East to sugar-laden cuisines of Gujarat, Indian food d


7 Nutritious Food in Train That You Need to Try on Your Journey

Traveling by train can be bezzare and can be fun at the same time. When you are traveling by train, you meet strangers. However, you know very well that you won’t meet them again. Still, you share few minutes of your life with them. In the train,

Food in train

10 Best Punjabi Foods To Enjoy While Travelling on Train

Punjab, the land of five rivers and agriculture, is also famous for its food. The local Punjabi food is influenced by the lifestyle of farmers, making it famous all over India.   In terms of agriculture, Punjab is one of the most prosperous states

Food in train

Top 10 Immunity Booster Snacks to Make You Coronasafe

Masks, hand sanitisers, social distancing and what? We do everything possible to fight coronavirus. While we take precautions to reduce its risk and scientists lose their sleep to find its cure, why not take steps to strengthen our immune system till t

Food in train

10 Delicious Indo-Chinese Dishes to Make Your Train Journey Delightful

A train journey is a joyous experience that fills individuals with intense excitement. As the train undergoes motion and leaves the station, the excitement begins. Moreover, the thrill overtakes as the train catches speed.   While we admire travel