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It’s the high time where everyone is busy with their never ending daily schedule of 9 to 5 job or 24 hour business ventures. In this race of excellence, when there is least time available for everyone to prepare their food, the concept of fast food chains have thrived up, satisfying our hunger of with mouth watering delectable recipes. From decades, the brands like Mac Donald, KFC, US Pizza, and Dominos etc. are ruling the fast food industry. These are quick service restaurants which offer variety of fast food like burgers pizza, fries, fried chicken, noodles, sweets and soft drinks etc. with an option to dine in or takeaway for your loved ones.

IRCTC has recently facilitated the food ordering in train for the passengers travelling in train. One can order the best fast food in train of their choice at an economical price. RailRestro lists ten best fast food to order in train for tricking your tastebud.

1. Chowmein: Chowmein is a Chinese recipe which is most popular among the children and is widely available in every streets of India. Irrespective of the route you travel in India, this delicacy is available everywhere in all the junctions/stations of India. To order veg/non-veg chowmein call us @ 8102-888-111.


2. Wraps and Rolls: These roll appetizers are made with a filling of seasonal vegetables or cooked chicken/mutton chunks. The spiced filling is wrapped in a chapatti which is then cooked in vegetable oil and rolled to perfection. It is one of the famous street foods in India which is loved by youngsters. To order veg/non-veg rolls, call us @ 8102-888-111.


3. Vada: The recipe “vada” has different forms in different states. It is a fried snack made with pulses and rice paste, served with Idli and sambhar in the southern region of India, on the other end it is a fried snack made with boiled potatoes and spices served with a bun and chutney. To order these vada recipes call 8102-888-111.

4. Dosa: The southern part of India is rich in Dosa, having 99 varieties to taste. You can easily order these varieties of dosas at Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and other major stations through our website, or just call 8102-888-111. Enjoy this delicacy with spiciest sambhar and chutney. You will love it.


5. Kachori and Chaat: Where Jaipur is rich in kachoris of various types, Delhi is rich in Chaat. There are varieties of this recipe which can be tasted and preferred as one of the best fast food during journey. These are available in every corners of India as a popular snack especially in the morning hours. To order kachoris and Chaat in train, visit our website or call us 8102-888-111.


6. Manchurian Combo: The combination of thick sauces with fried vegetarian/chicken balls tastes sumptuous. Vegetable /chicken Manchurian is served with fried rice or Hakka noodles and presented in the form of combo. The distinct flavors rules at every streets in India. To order Manchurian combo in train call 8102-888-111.


7. Veg Burger Combo: Burgers and crunchy French fries are available in branded outlets like Mac Donalds and KFC. It is one of the most loved fast foods in India, irrespective of age group. To order burger and fries in train, call RailRestro @ 8102-888-111.

8. Mix Veg Combo: Indian cuisines can’t be ignored. Mix veg. combo consists of a platter which has butter roti/naan, kadai paneer/mixed veg of seasonal vegetables, sweet, raita, and salad. It’s enough to satiate your hunger with complete satisfaction during journey in train. To order mixed veg combo in train, call RailRestro @ 8102-888-111.

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9. Non-Veg Combos: Non-veg. combos have the same recipes; the difference is the chicken curry/mutton in place of seasonal veg or paneer. No matter which route you are travelling, call RailRestro @ 8102-888-111 to order non-veg combos.

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10. Biriyani Combos: Biriyani is a one dish meal which is enjoyed by the travelers in train. Chicken /Veg biryani is served with raita, rich gravy, salad and sweet. Order veg. or chicken/mutton biriyani combos provided by RailRestro during the journey. Just dial 8102-888-111 or visit our website @ order with discount.

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