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The fast-running world in which everyone is busy with their never-ending daily schedule of 9 to 5 jobs or 24-hour business ventures. In this race for excellence, when there is the least time available for everyone to prepare their food, the concept of fast food chains has thrived, satisfying our hunger with mouthwatering, delectable recipes. For decades, the brands like Mac Donald, KFC, US Pizza, Domino’s, etc., have been ruling the fast food industry. These quick-service restaurants offer a variety of fast food like burgers, pizza, fries, fried chicken, noodles, sweets and soft drinks with an option to dine in or take away for your loved ones.



IRCTC has recently facilitated the food ordering service in trains for passengers. With the availability of various e-catering services online, you can order the best fast food in train of your choice at an economical price. RailRestro is one the well-known food-in-train services through which rail passengers can easily order food and get it delivered right to their train seats.  


Fast Food Options on Train

Here is a list of mouthwatering fast food to order in train to trick your taste buds.





Chowmein is a popular Chinese recipe, especially among children. You can find this dish in every street in India, irrespective of your travel route. You can also use the top Chowmein recipe on train to add flavours to your train trip. Veg, non-veg, Paneer, Schezwan and a range of Chowmein varieties on train. 





Made with the filling of seasonal vegetables or chicken/mutton chunks, the roll is a spicy snack. To prepare this dish, a spiced filling is wrapped in chapati and cooked in vegetable oil. It is also known as Frankie. You can order veg or non-veg wraps on train to treat yourself to a delicious meal. 





Vada is a fried snack made with pulses and rice paste. Usually, it is served with Idli and sambhar in the southern region of India. However, people also like to relish it alone. It is one of the delicious snacks you can relish in breakfast or evening snacks. 





The southern part of India offers 99 varieties of Dosa to taste. You can easily order these varieties of dosas at Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and other major stations through RailRestro Web, app, or Whatsapp. Enjoy this delicacy with the spiciest sambar and chutney while travelling.  



Kachori and Chaat


Where Jaipur is known for various types of Kachoris, Delhi is known for Chaat. This recipe’s varieties can be tasted and preferred as one of the best fast foods during a journey. These are available in every corner of India as a popular snack, especially in the morning hours. To order kachoris and Chaat on the train, visit our website or call us at 8102-888-111.



Manchurian Combo


The combination of thick sauces with fried vegetarian/chicken balls tastes epic. Vegetable/Chicken Manchurian is served with fried rice or Hakka noodles and presented as a combo. The distinct flavours of this are found in every street of India.  



Burger Combo


The combo of Burgers and crunchy French fries are available in branded outlets like Mcdonalds’ and KFC. It is one of India’s most loved fast foods, irrespective of age group. While travelling, you can order a burger and fries combo in train to satiate your food cravings. 



Chhole Bhature 


Street food Chhole Bhature is a delicious delicacy. This special combo of chickpea curry and Bhature can be prepared with all-purpose flour, yoghurt, and salt. You can order this North India’s favourite food Choole -Bhature, on train and enjoy its heavenly bite. Chhole Bhature is usually served with Aachar and salad. 





Biriyani is a one-dish meal enjoyed by the travellers on train. The street-style Chicken/Veg biryani is served with raita, rich gravy, salad and sweets. You can order veg. or chicken/mutton biryani combos on train to satiate your hunger. 





Dumplings of fine flour, Momos are popular street food prepared with the fillings of veggies or non-veg chunks. Fast food is a delicious treat for evening snacks. You can order it on train and enjoy it while journeying. Momo’s hot and spicy bite with chutney sitting on the train window is a real joy. 


So, what’s your favourite snack? Order it and enjoy it during your next train trip! 


What is IRCTC Fast Food Delivery in Trains and Stations? 


IRCTC fast food delivery in trains and stations is a service started by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. It aims to deliver various foods, including fast food, in trains. RailRestro e-catering is just like IRCTC service, which delivers a range of food varieties at over 450+ Indian railway stations. With it, passengers can order and get food, including regional cuisines, continental dishes, Chinese food, fast food, pure Jain food, vegetarian delicacies, non-veg food and more on train. RailRestro lets you order your preferred food and enjoy it while travelling.   


How to Order Food in Train?


Rail passengers can order food in trains easily with its app, web, WhatsApp and customer support number. To order food in train:


  • Share your train ticket’s 10-digit PNR number with RailRestro e-catering services. 
  • Select your preferred food items, including fast food, and then put them to the cart. 
  • Fill required and basic information to ensure proper delivery. 
  • Apply coupon code if available to get the discount. 
  • Pay your order value to place the food order successfully. You can also choose to pay through cash on delivery option.


Now relax; your food will be delivered right to your train seat when it stops at your food boarding station. RailRestro has its own delivery fleet at major railway stations of India, which ensures on-time food delivery in train. With RailRestro,  order your meal and enjoy it while journeying. 

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