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The passion of travelling is at the heart of young Indian generation. Millenials don’t leave any opportunity of excursion especially when it’s a long weekend. All you needs is an abrupt plan which can make their weekends a memory to cherish later. You would never want that food should be a concern when you are planning your trip. Travelling to a remote location and eating in an un-organized manner can leave your trip with not so good experiences too.

Hygiene is one major concern if you are buying food at any outlet. You should always check for proper food handling, freshness and FSSAI regulations. Packaged food items ought to have FSSAI verified mark before you consume. Eating too much of junk foods can also leave your belly disturbed and create un-desired chaos. To avoid all these, one should always prefer ordering from E-catering services or IRCTC catering partners such as Railrestro. The prime benefit of ordering is that you get the regional specialties to taste while travelling in train.

An exciting morning becomes exciting if you are motivated with the smell of an awesome n favorite breakfast to head start with. Ordering food in train helps you in this. Here are few great cuisines you can order as breakfast in train:

  • Aaloo Paratha: The famous Indian breakfast and an all time favorite. All you need is, if it can be served hot with Mango pickles & dollop of butter melting over the fresh n hot paratha. As an e-catering service provider, you can now order Aaloo paratha in train easily.

  • Poha: The food preferred as breakfast specially when you have some elderly one travelling with you. Ordering Poha has been made a lot easier as it’s hygienic and tastes best with tomato sauce or pudina chatini.

  • Poori Bhaji: If you love adding freshness and spicy touch right in the morning, then this one’s for you. You got to order freshly prepared Poori’s and Bhaaji freshly cooked from E-catering service parners while ordering food in train.

  • Chole Bhature: This one’s the most famous Punjabi cuisine. If you have love for Punjabi style black gram chole and Bhature, then nothing can be better to start your day other than Chhole Bhature. Order Chole Bhature in train from Railrestro.

  • Bread Omlette: This one’s a quicker as all you need is to just wake up and start eating and not much to worry about arranging space for having it.

  • Idli- Sambhar: If you love South Indian food, you have an awesome choice to enjoy Idli-Vada-Sambhar as your breakfast too. All you need is to dial from your phone to 8102888111.

  • Grill Sandwich: You can also order Veg/Non-veg breakfast in train. A grill sandwich is the best choice if you prefer to have non-veg in your breakfast.

With So many options to choose from, you can now order all this in just few clicks or maybe a call away from your seat. Order breakfast in train from E-catering partners like Railrestro and get it delivered right at your seat.  Ordering from E-catering services also provides with you with special discount offers for all your orders. Get started today and order food in train.

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