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Enjoying your train journey with kids can be amazing and delightful. It’s important to keep your kids happy with yummy food on train. Ordering food in train is easy nowadays as you have ample of options available, with lots of tasty food. Make your journey more delightful with amazing and delicious cuisine especially order for your kids. During your journey, it is difficult to manage the kids as you can’t feed them anything but now you have the option to order food and basic requirements on train from the RailRestro app.



It is a thrill to enjoy the scenic beauty and the excitement of getting closer to where you’re headed, Keeping your little ones hygienic and feeding them with required foods.

Here are some good food choices you can order for your kids 



French Fries


Crispy, golden, crunchy and yummy which satisfies your taste buds and is good for your children. It is liked by the maximum of children. It doesn’t matter where they are Childrens like potato and French fries is the best version of that. Many train vendors serve hot fries that make kids super happy. Pair them with ketchup or mayo for an extra treat.





A standard choice loved by kids and adults, sandwiches are convenient and light. Made by simple fillings like cheese, aloo tikki, or peanut butter and chicken tikki to please palates. They are easy to carry and free from spill proof making them ideal for train travel. Sandwiches are the best choice for kids and adults. They mostly prefer to have different flavors and filling for sandwiches and also convenient to carry and order.



Chicken Nuggets


These nuggets are non spicy and liked by children and adults. Soft and tender pieces coated with the batter and for making it crunchy then again coated with bread crumbs. It is fulfilling, tasty and easy to eat.



Fruit and Vegetable Salad


For healthier and refreshing dishes such as salad on train will always be the first choice as it is packed with vitamins, natural sweetness and definitely enjoyed by the kids. You have ample of options so you can choose fruits like pineapple, guava, grapes, banana, papaya etc.



Maggi and Pasta


Creamy and mouth-watering pasta with various cheesy flavors. Children can relish the taste of pasta. There are plenty of options available for kid-friendly sauces and toppings. Your kids will generally enjoy the flavors if you offer them a variety of options according to their taste buds.



Hot Milk


It’s the most convenient thing if this will be delivered on train. For kids you can make cerelac and you can give them to drink during your journey. You can also make milkshakes by adding sugar and cocoa powder in it. To satisfy their quench of thirst of creamy and added flavor in it like chocolate to gratify their thirst. Also do check and explore the variety offered by the onboard vendors.






This is an all time favorite of children and adults. Burgers have different fillings and patties at the same time. So you can order a non-spicy burger for your kids on train. Crunchy patties make the burger more tastier also you have veg and non-veg options available.



Mini Pizzas


You never go wrong with pizza while traveling. Pizzas are absolutely perfect for the little hands. With the creamy cheesy texture, savory sauce and a crispy crust which is definitely liked by your kids. Veggies topping are the most essential elements on pizza and green veggies are even good for the kids.



Butter milk and Kesar milk


It will keep your children energized throughout your journey. It is healthy and creamy and loved by everyone, especially your child. If it is available on train, why not order this while traveling? After your meal, you can drink this and enhance the flavor of your journey. It will help keep you and your kids hydrated with refreshing butter and Kesar milk, keeping your children energized throughout the journey.


Make sure to check the availability of food in train and then place order to make your journey easier. With these yummy snacks specially for your kids. Relish the food and enjoy your journey with full tummy and happy memories.


You can check the Train timetable, PNR Status prior and then place order with RailRestro to make your journey smoother. You have plenty of options if you order food on train according to your taste preferences.


Faqs Related to Foods You Can Order for Your Kids


Q: Which food items are good to order on a train for my kids?

Ans: Anyone can order kid friendly food like sandwiches, mini pizza chicken nuggets, Burger, pasta, Maggi, sandwiches, fries etc and kids will definitely like these items.


Q: Are there any healthy options available on trains for kids?

Ans: Yes, there are plenty of options available on train which are appropriate for kids such as Butter and Kesar milk, Vegetable sticks with proper dip, salads, veg sandwiches, and yogurt.


Q: What are the services from where I can order food for my kids on train journey?

Ans: Most of the trains have their own catering services and they provide food to their passengers. But if your train doesn’t have these services, you have ample options available. So you can order from RailRestro. It offers veg and non-veg options for the passengers.


Q: Can I pre-order meals for my kids on a train journey?

Ans: Yes, you can order your pre meals by the RailRestro app you can place your order for your kids beforehand. So food is available and it totally depends on child preferences when you board on train.


Q: Are there any special treats or desserts available for kids on trains?

Ans: Yes, you can find and order your child’s favorite dishes like you can order mini pizza, chicken nuggets, burger, Maggi, sandwiches etc. You can customize your meal according to your kids taste buds. Whether it’s non spicy or spicy you can give the instructions while placing your order.

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Author: Shivani Prakash