It won’t be any irony if we say that a major part of Indian population lives on wheels. With nearly 1.9 Crore people travelling each day across the major stations in India, the country has witnessed a major growth and improvements in terms of travelling via Indian railways. Thanks to the efforts from the current ombudsman of Indian Railways.

With growing rail traffic, the needs for clean and hygienic foods have been a major concern for the travelers. India boasts a galore of food recipes and also varied choices. Travelling in childhood, we all remember munching a lot of snack items sold by local food vendors. With increased incidences of food adulteration, we don’t see much of these now or people refrain from such items and prefer packed items.

Indian railway introduced a unique platform to address the food concerns. IRCTC e-catering started with 39 pair of stations and with unique SMS system capabilities. But with limited number of stations covered, it’s still not meeting the needs of all the passengers. Tapping into this opportunity, multiple service providers sprung up across major stations to meet the traveller’s needs.

Ordering meals on wheels on the go has been gradually improving.

How has E-Catering changed the face of train travellers?

Ordering food in train is something which we all do especially when the journey exceeds a travelling time of more than 4 hours. With surge in trusted e catering services providers, train travellers can order food of their choice from major food outlets which fall en route to their destination stations. Here are some of the key benefits of e-catering services:

  • Food Preferences: Travellers in train can order food on track as per their preferences. They are bestowed with multiple food choices to choose from and the stations at which they want the food to be delivered on seat.
  • Custom Offers: Ordering food through e catering services help the customers to avail customized offers from major services providers.
  • Food Specialities: Now ordering food specialties in train is not a dream. One can order popular food such as Agra Petha, Mathura Peda too which were earlier a dream for travellers.
  • Quick Checkout Gateway: E caterers provide multiple payment options to choose from. Some have COD options available too which restores the travellers faith of getting food on their choice in train.
  • Live Customer Support: We are wired to check for the confirmation of our food orders in train. Most e-caterers provide 24/7 customer support as well to clear any queries whatsoever.
  • Group Ordering Benefits: People travelling in groups can order meals in train at discounted rates as major service providers offer discounts on bulk food ordering in train.
  • Food For Diabetics: Travellers can order from customized food menus for diabetic people. It ensures a healthy eating schedule for such people while ordering food in train.
  • Special Food Preferences Addressed: These include items such as Jain food in train and pure veg food. E caterers meet such needs efficiently and care for the special preferences.
  • Feedback loop: Travellers can check for the reviewed e catering service providers before placing their order and can request a call back too in case of any confusion. Social media is a major gateway to check such information, especially Google My Business.

With aforementioned benefits, it’s best to order food through e catering service providers in train across India. Have you ordered food while travelling in train, do share your experiences in the comments section below and we would be more than happy to hear. Ordering food has now been made a lot easier as you can place your order via Whatsapp  on 810-288-8111. Happy Food Ordering!!

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