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It’s time again to celebrate the festival of Eid around the world. It marks the completion of auspicious month of “Ramzan”. People who follow the spirit of restraint during the Ramzan festival, come together to celebrate the spirit of love and giving for the lesser fortunate ones.

According to Islamic traditions, Eid al-Fitr is the first day of the month of Shawwal, which follows Ramadan – the month of fasting and abstinence from worldly pleasures.Eid in India begins with festivities on the previous night itself, called ‘Chand Raat’ (night of the moon). Excitement is in the air as people shop at bazaars for Eid shopping. Young girls also apply henna/ mehandi on their hands and wear colourful bangles. Eid, in India,also called the ‘Sweet Festival’, with sweet food items taking centre stage on this auspicious day. Lachha Seviyan, a delicious dish of roasted seviyan (vermicelli) in milk, topped with dried fruits, is key to this occasion.

Simply referred to as Eid by Muslims around the world, the festival is a time when people gather at mosques, community centres and homes to worship and thank God (Allah), and then celebrate with a grand feast. While the traditions vary with each country, the festive food remains the central point of the celebrations.

Muslims around the world break their fast on Eid with traditional cuisines and sweet dishes. Dates form an integral part of the food that Muslims eat to break their month-long fast. Klaicha is a type of date-filled pastry prepared by Iraqis, which is made with a hint of rosewater.Foods and sweet dishes prepared for the feast are not only consumed by family and friends at get-togethers, but also presented to others in the community. In several places, children visiting neighbourhood families are gifted parcels of sweets.

The traditional foods and cuisines are also distributed among the less fortunate ones, so that each and everyone can be a part of the festival of Eid.Here are some of our best Eid recipes, handpicked especially for you:

  • Lachha Seviyan: An Eid classic – Vermicelli cooked in milk and dry fruits. Made in every Muslim household on the occasion of Eid.

  • Seekh Kebabs: If you have walked the lanes of Jama Masjid or Md.Ali Road, you will be familiar with the popularity of this delicious kebab.

  • Mutton Bhuna Gosht: Mutton cubes cooked with spices, yogurt and milk. Served with jeera rice.

  • Keema Biryani: No feast is complete without an aromatic biryani. This one is made with keema (minced lamb meat) and made fragrant with rose water.You can now also order Biryani while traveling in train.

In case you are traveling via train during the Eid festival, you can order these special cuisines and our catering partners would be more than happy to serve you. Ordering food in train is now just a click away. You can download the Railrestro App or place your order on website or on call at 8102888111.

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