A cosy bed, a cup of hot tea, and stuffed Paratha or Litti are all we enjoy in the snow season. But, there are people who like experiencing cold days and exploring the beauty of the country by visiting different places. There are locations in India where you can experience snow and go to places where you can feel the warmth or the least cold in the season. 


If you are also planning such a leisure vacation in winter and are not in a hurry to reach your destination. A train can be the best mode. On the train, if you consider travelling in sleeper class, you can sense the change in weather with the change of places, enjoy the sunshine, cold wind, and of course, your favourite food in train like Poha, Chinese, Biryani or Chicken Korma.   


But interestingly, besides these, you can relish your taste buds with continental food on train during your winter trip. RailRestro, the e-catering service platform, provides numerous options of food delivery in train from regional to continental to make each passenger’s train food experience excellent. 



Continental Food: An Overview 


Continental dishes are foods that originated and are consumed in European countries, including Italy, France, and Spain. These foods are prepared with ingredients like olive oil, herbs, sauces and minimal species. The food holds rich protein and low calories. Its European cooking procedure usually follows cooking methods of frying, roasting, and baking. During winter, treating yourself with the coldest nations’ cuisines will be a wondrous experience.


Top Continental Food You Can Enjoy on Train 



Pizza; Beat Your Hunger With Delicious Bite 


In the winter season, more or less, our taste buds crave some most delicious and creamy food. Pizza is that delightful treat for everyone. Even, When it comes to parties or celebrations, Pizza makes its name at the top of the list. If you are travelling with a group, you can enjoy a pizza party at the moving restaurant-the rail, by doing a bulk order of Pizza in train


You can get varieties of pizza types, including margarita, corn, chicken, cheese burst pizza, paneer pizza, and pepperoni pizza on train. Moreover, famous pizza outlets like Dominoes, Pizza Hut, and La Pino’z offer Pizza in train. With RailRestro, you can get Italian dish Pizza in train in the tastiest form. 



Chicken Sandwich; Taste is on Plate


Filled with protein, calcium, and iron, chicken increases the body’s temperature for digestion. Hence, chicken-based dishes are considered the best food to enjoy in winter. Various chicken dishes are available on train, including Chicken Korma, Chicken 65, Chicken butter masala, and Chicken Biryani. But having European Grilled Chicken Sandwich as your breakfast during your winter trip tastes amazing and light to the tummy. Rail passengers can get chicken sandwiches at an affordable cost on the train. 



French Fries; Everyone’s Favourite Snacks


French Fries have been widely popular snacks since 2015 in India. The Belgium-oriented French Fries are made after frying the potatoes and adding salt and minimal species. Rail passengers can enjoy French fries on trains. Multiple Restaurants provide French fries. Famous Outlets like Mcdonald’s and KFC also offer customers French fries as a starter. 



White Sauce Pasta; A Comfy Meal


Creamy, delicious, and cheesy white sauce Pasta is a comfy meal for anyone. The dish is prepared with seasoned Italian herbs, silky and smooth white sauce made of milk, and macaroni. The French & Italian dish, white sauce pasta, also known as Bechamel sauce, is a lighter and more satisfying food you must try to make your train trip overwhelming. 



Corn Toasties; European Delights


Brown colour toasted bread with toppings of a mixture of corn and cheese is something that is a real delight for anyone. It is highly recommended if you have never tried these corn toasties. The European delight corn toasties can contain eggs and be a healthy treat. Moreover, the sweetened corn with its crunch tastes splendorous and is a favourite of many kids. 



Burger; Yeasty & Tasty 


The burger is a new trendy food. You can easily find a burger stall on the street of any city. The dish consists of crisp patties, salad, and sauce inside a bread roll. The burgers are also available with several recipes. In India, you can taste varieties of Hamburgers like Veg Burger, Chicken Burgers, Cheese Burgers etc. 



Omelette; Healthiest Treat 


Prepared with eggs, the omelette is an easy to digest meal. It contains lots of health benefits because of its ingredients like butter, cheese, vegetables, and light salt and spices. If you are health-conscious and diet-freaked, you can get an omelette on the train. You must know eggs also contain high protein and calcium and are recommended to eat in the winter season.  



Cake; Delightful End for Sweeten Teeth 


The continental dish cake is today the king of every celebration, whether it’s a birthday or an anniversary. If you are on a group trip and it’s anyone’s birthday, you can easily order the cake on train. Moreover, if you are someone travelling on a trip during their birthdays/anniversary, you can surprise them by booking a cake in train. Moreover, you can also order cake/pastry on train as a dessert to end your continental meal.  


So, what are you wondering about? Order continental food in train from Cake to Pizza, and cater your train trip with an exuberant experience. 


Why Should I Consume Continental Cuisine? 


Continental dishes are prepared using cooking methods like frying, roasting, and baking; that’s why it is healthy. The cuisine consists of high-protein items like eggs, meats, seafood etc. European and British food is low in fat. The food includes veggies making it healthy. Moreover, the Continental dishes are light and good for breakfast and evening snacks. 


How Can I Get Continental Food Inside the Train?


You can easily get continental food on trains with the ecatering IRCTC app and website. RailRestro, a well-known train food service provider, offers continental food delivery in trains. You can visit its website or install the food app and place your PNR number or train number, explore the food options and add continental dishes to your cart. Apply discount coupons, pay the amount online or choose COD and place the order. A person from the RailRestro delivery fleet will come to your seat with your order. Take your food packet and enjoy it while being on the train. 


You can do the train food order during your train trip or pre-book it with train ticket booking. RailRestro allows rail passengers to book food in advance just after the train ticket booking with its app or website. Alternatively, passengers can choose to order their food by calling the RailRestro customer executive at 8102202203 or chatting with WhatsApp bot at 8102888999. 

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Author: Sakshi Kumari