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In India, there are multiple mode of transportation to enjoy your vacation, but a railway journey carries immense fun and adventure throughout the tour. The excitement begins from boarding of the train and elevates from the time when train departs to complete its journey. Unlimited fun and enjoyment and merry making waits for you at the destination. After the trip completion, you return to your home with all the remembrance like funny clicks, group photo shoot, and local shopping materials. You save the stories and loving moments of your journey in heart and soul.

While traveling in train, you might struggle with the availability of good food. However, e-catering services have made food delivery in trains frequent. Now passengers can easily order food in train and enjoy them with your journey. Going through the air is just like a parcel being packed and delivered to the destination. But railway journey showcases you different views, scenery and stories that makes you emotional, laugh and sometimes touches your heart and the feelings remains with you forever. Leisurely sleeping on your berth, sharing food, smiling at the beautiful faces, chit-chatting with the person sitting next to you, or viewing the fast running trees passing by are some of the experiences which can be gained only via train travel. These feelings call you to complete a trip by traveling in a train once.

The scenic views: What pleases the most while train journeys are the scenic views outside the train. Villages, farms, hills, thick forests, tunnels, bridges, vast stretch of farming lands, coconut trees, are so pleasant that one can’t resist seeing them throughout the journey. When it’s early morning or a mellow evening on the train, do look at the sun. This experience would steal your heart. When the train runs through the small villages you see small huts, people sitting leisurely in groups, farmers in the field and small children waiving their hands to the train! You might be smiling now! To bring more colors and fun on your train journey, get down at some stations and have random clicks with your partner or group, but keep an eye on your train.

The sound of nature: The soothing sound of nature can be heard when the train crosses the river bridges and passes through a tunnel. Do you enjoy the music it offers? It’s called music of nature. Echo, crowd and even silent wind play music for us. Try to catch up with it when you board your next train.

Cost Effective: You are heading for a tour and with a pre-planned set of adventurous and fun activities. Shopping will also be a priority. You need to save some bugs to shop souvenirs; Train tickets are usually cheaper than flights or buses. So in this way, you will be enjoying your pleasant journey while saving some money on transportation. Train ticket budget are going to be a great help.

Traffic! What’s that? One of the most beneficial parts of the train journey, when compared with a journey via car is to get a smooth traveling experience. Sitting on your berth and enjoying your journey is a pleasant feel, where on the other end, a car journey can accompany traffic, irritating crowd, noising horns and pollution stuffed roads. Even in your car, you are cumulated to your seat and the comfort depends on the members count sitting with you in the car. The train gives you all pleasures with a berth offered to lie down and enjoy your favorite song or reading your favorite novel throughout your journey.

Chat with Crispy people: The journey can be long and when you’re done with smartphones and laptop, or when weak signal disturb your playlist fun, you will find so many people discussing crispy topics. Whether you are a part of conversation or not, be attentive and you will be amazed to hear the conversation of these chirping birds. There are people who can talk endlessly and if you are smart enough to give them a topic, it’s the time to enjoy the discussion.

Friendliness and freedom: You aren’t confined to your space or seat. You are free to act with your will. You may stand at the door and feel the speedy wild air rummaging your hairstyle. You are free to move, to speak. No one can interfere in your personal space. If you are lucky enough you can also catch up with the people of your age and the fun begins.

Easy security checks and baggage count: Whenever you are traveling via air, you must have felt annoying and irritating lane of security checks. Right from the security, check-up of your body and baggage makes you tired enough. You’re free from all such annoying security checks in train journey. Put all your baggage under the berth and relax.

No extra Payment or hidden charges applied: You must have noticed the price differences on air tickets while inquiring and while booking. There are many hidden charges and extra payments attached to air ticket booking price. Even you are asked to pay security deposit, in case your baggage is lost or you met with an accident. So free up your tour budgets with all these extra charges and go on exploring the exotic Indian railway routes.

Local Cuisine and Drinks: It’s the yummiest part of the Railway Journey! You can experience the taste of different cuisines of the county. At each station, there is some specialty to taste. To ensure your health and delivery of hygienic food in train, download RailRestro application and order food as per your choice and budget. You can order your favorite dish at any station which falls en route to your destination.

Till now you would have known the advantages of traveling via train over other means of transportation. So enjoy your train journey and book your train tickets for next vacation via Indian Railways.

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Author: Rohit Choubey

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