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Switching to a healthy diet plan is of utmost importance as there is high probability for the body to imbibe certain ailments, and blood pressure being one of them can ruin your health badly. High blood pressure or hypertension is a stage where the blood flow in the body increases and flows with pressure against the artery walls. It can cause severe damage to the veins, arteries and affect kidneys severely. It’s also a “silent killer” as sometimes the patient leaves the symptoms unnoticed like excessive sweating during meals, excessive body fat, unwillingness to exercise or physical work, and sometimes feeling too lazy, dizzy and sleepy. If you possess these symptoms and feel something uneasy inside the body, then a check-up by a medical practitioner is a must. There can be chances that your normal blood pressure count 120/80 may have raised to 150/90 or any higher reading.

Diet plays an important role in mending and maintaining blood pressure levels in body. If the ailment is in first stage i.e., when blood pressure is detected in earlier stage, the method to cure it becomes effortless. A slight change in the diet and including daily exercise is enough for the body to immune itself for fighting blood pressure. If the case is severe, which means the readings are almost 180/110 or 190/120 or figures can go higher like 200/190, then proper medication and physical exercise with strict diet becomes mandatory. There is no room for any miscalculations or misstep. The patient has to manage his diet and switch to a physically active lifestyle which includes exercises like walking, running, cycling brisk walking etc. Today, patients who suffer with high blood pressure are highly susceptible to brain stroke in which either the left or right side of the body is fully paralyzed. STAY ALERT!

High Blood Pressure and Train Journey! How to synchronize them easily?

When it comes to travel via train it is normal for the people who aren’t suffering from any health issues. But traveling for a high blood pressure patient can be a risk, as exercises and good diet is something which becomes difficult to maintain. Seeking the food of your choice in train is something next to impossible. For a high BP patient it is mandatory to manage their diet and RailRestro has figured out the difficulties faced by a BP patient when it comes to having a balanced diet in train. RailRestro will guide you with the steps to be taken for a healthy journey by blood pressure patients. Now any passenger can order food online in train during their journey. All they need is a valid PNR through which restaurants and food availability can be checked en route. Download our Android and IOS app to order food in train. You can pay online and offline for your food bill and the ordered food will be delivered at your seat.

Follow DASH Diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension):  DASH diet is a traditional concept especially drafted for managing blood pressure issues. It emphasizes on eating vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products, and moderate amount of meat, fish, and whole grains. Avoid the food available at station premises as they are prepared under unhygienic conditions leading to several health disorders. RailRestro has special breakfast, lunch and dinner menu to order from our premium e-catering partners. Any passenger traveling with this ailment can order:

Breakfast: It’s a well- known health fact that breakfast should be of king size, but the same doesn’t synchronize well with BP patients. They have to take meals on intervals. Breakfast options are poha, veg sandwich, bread toast, dal khichdi and chapatti sabzi. Light breakfast will keep you fit and active during the journey. You can also switch to fruit diet like fruit salad as brunch, if required. Avoid oily items like puri bhaji and chole bhature. Idli sambhar, plain dosa and uttapam are also a good choice.

Lunch:  Veg Thali is the perfect and finest option for lunch. Veg Thali is available under four catagories. They are Veg Mini Thali, Veg Standard Thali, and Veg deluxe Thali and Veg Maharaja Thali. The content in these thalis are:

  • VEG MINI THALI: Veg Mini Thali contains chapatti (3 pcs), seasonal veg, Dal fry, plain rice and salad and pickle.  It’s a good choice for the travelers as it is light on belly and healthy to eat.
  • VEG STANDARD THALI: Veg Standard Thali contains Paneer Butter Masala, Seasonal veg, Dal Tadka/Dal Fry, chapatti (3 pcs), Jeera rice, sweet, salad, and pickle.
  • VEG DELUXE THALI: Veg Deluxe Thali contains Paneer Butter Masala, seasonal veg, dal fry, chapatti (3 pcs), Jeera rice, veg raita, curd/sweet/chocolate, salad, and pickle.
  • VEG MAHARAJA THALI:  Veg Maharaja Thali contains Paneer Butter Masala/Paneer curry, seasonal veg, dal fry, chapatti (3 pcs), Jeera rice, veg raita, papad/chips, sweet, salad, and pickle.
  • JAIN DELUX THALI: Jain food is contains unique vegetarianism rules and their diet excludes onion and garlic. The special Jain deluxe thali includes Paneer butter masala, mix veg curry, dal fry, butter chapatti, Jeera rice, veg raita, sweet, papad, salad, and pickle.  It is also referred for BP patients as it is pure saatvic.

There are many other options like variety of rotis, veggies, Chinese, paneer curry south Indian dishes, Indian/Chinese combo meals, desserts, pasta and Jain meals.

Dinner: Dinner for BP patients must be light enough to digest.  There are combo meals available in Indian style. The content in the combo is optimum to consume by BP patients for their better health in train during journey. Combos like chole rice, roti and paneer butter masala, aaloo paratha combo, veg combo, roti and seasonal combo, paneer kadai combo, rice and dal combo and many more options available. You can also order tandoori roti and paneer curry separately with dessert.

Tips to follow for Blood Pressure Patient while traveling in Train     Hunger pangs disturb you on a journey and the endless crave to eat variety of food never ends. On the other end we are aware of the fact that health is the only wealth for humans.  So, apart from choosing good food there are many other things to be taken care of while traveling in train.

  • Carry your medicines and pack them separately in a bag to access easily. Do not pack them with your luggage placed beneath the berth. Take your prescribed medicines timely.
  • Avoid non-vegetarian food and dairy products during the journey. They might not favour your health.
  • Keep your body hydrated. Drink enough water.
  • High blood pressure might have affected other organs like kidney. In this case, there may be chances of having a rich diet to aid kidney. Choose your diet accordingly from options available by RailRestro. Call our food advisors at 8102-888-111 to get food in train. They can also arrange custom food options for you.
  • Avoid maida made items, fried and Chinese food. They are not good for health.
  • Avoid any type of pan-masala or gutkha. 
  • Try to rest and sleep as much as possible. It’s helpful in maintaining your blood pressure levels.
  • Choose any AC class to travel. Avoid sleeper class reservations. AC 2nd class is highly preferable.
  • Try to avoid coffee. High caffeine levels are not good for blood pressure.
  • If you’re traveling in winter season, make sure you dress in layers to maintain body heat. Avoiding this may cause dizzinesss and sometimes to unconsciousness. 
  • Travel with an attendant or any relative if the case is serious.

RailRestro considers health as a crux factor and wishes all the travelers good health and a great journey. RailRestro will make your journey healthy yet yummier.

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