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Train travel is the largest mode of travel in India. With over 4.1 million travelers each day, Indian Railway is the largest mode of traveling with maximum foot load. Recent CAG reports  have cleared the sky in terms of food options being supplied in the pantry facilities. With new e-catering policy into place, IRCTC is now promoting it’s tested e-catering model to meet the food demands. Going straight into the business of food was never a Moto of e-catering facilities. IRCTC developed a PPP model and partnered with existing food suppliers. Such businesses were brought into the main line of catering system by establishing partnership model under official food aggregator scheme. Railrestro is proud to be one of the largest  and trusted official food aggregator of IRCTC. RailRestro provides you with the perfect opportunity to book food of your choice during journey. All you have to do is download RailRestro app on your smartphone or visit official website. The ordering process is easy as one needs to enter their PNR or train details, pick from the menu of various restaurants at different stations, order your meal, and you will have it served hot and fresh right at your seat!!

RailRestro extends their services to over 600+ trains across more than 300 cities. Each restaurant comes with its own set of menu. As a result of this, you will be spoilt for choices. But there are few things that you need to keep in mind before selecting your dish:

1- First and foremost, keep in mind for which meal you are placing your order. For example, you will certainly not order a veg thali for your breakfast and a sandwich for lunch. So, your order will depend on which meal you will be having.

2- Secondly, you need to make sure if you are ordering for either lunch or dinner, then you may order a heavy meal. You will not always have the luxury of munching something or the other from time to time, and hence, it is best to go for full course meal.

3- It is best if you stick to vegetarian dishes since they are easier to digest than meat. However, you can order dishes with meat, but do not overeat.

4- See to it that you do not over order. Calculate very carefully how much food you exactly need and order accordingly. For any assistance in ordering process, one can call the customer care at 8102888111.

5- If you are ordering for lunch or dinner, the best option would be to order combo meals in train. These meals are filling and generally contain a good amount of food. One meal is enough for one adult.

Here are a few combo meals that you can consider ordering when making RailRestro, the food partner of your journey:

  • Kadhai Chicken Combo: If you love, love, and simply love non-veg, then you can go for this delicious, typically north Indian combo. If you are traveling to Delhi from somewhere or any other north Indian city, you are more likely to find this combo on the menu. The kadhai chicken comes with roti or nan (if available). This is an extremely delicious dish and is perfect if you want a blast of north Indian flavours. It is quite heavy and spicy, and hence, might spell stomach trouble or digestion problem if you eat it too much. If you are ordering one for a child, do not order a whole meal, instead share it.


  • Butter Chicken Combo: Here’s another Non-vegetarian delight for you. The butter chicken is slowly cooked pieces of chicken in oodles and oodles of butter and cream. This dish generally has a lot of gravy and served with roti or nan on the side. If you have a history of getting your stomach upset pretty often, then you better avoid this dish since the cream and butter are not good for your health. However, this is lighter than kadai chicken in terms of the use of spices. So, if you want to enjoy a meat treat, minus the use of a lot of spices, then you can go for the butter chicken combo meal. 

  • Chole Rice Combo: If you want to keep it light, if you want to keep it simple, and if you want to keep it vegetarian, then the chole rice combo is perfect. This works well as a meal for lunch. It comes with chole and rice and sometimes if asked for some fresh cut salad on the side. This is a, generally, light meal with no use of spices as such, but it does have a great taste to it. This is actually a very good combo meal to have during your journey.


  • Rice and Dal Combo: The best meal that one can opt for when traveling is this rice and dal combo. Not all heavy on the use of spices, this is a typical everyday meal, which will not mess with your digestion. It is always advisable to eat light when you are traveling, especially overnight in trains, and hence, this meal works the best. It might be a little bland compared to the other dishes mentioned above, but it is surely the healthiest.


  • Roti and Seasonal Veg Combo: Here’s a deliciously vegetarian dish. This combo meal comes with two-three roti’s on the side and a dish made out of vegetables that are available in that particular season. The dish prepared generally is full of flavor and is great to taste. It is a little spicy. This combo makes a good meal for dinner. 
  • Roti and Paneer Veg Combo: This delicious combo meal is a vegetarian’s delight! It comes with 2-3 rotis and a paneer as the side dish. It is very filling, and the spices add a lovely flavour to it. Paneer, in general, is good for your stomach, and hence, this meal will be good when you are traveling, especially long distance. A paneer and roti combo meal works best for dinner. 

Ideally, with any of the above combo meals, you can go for the option of having curd rice or simply plain curd. This cools your body and is good for digestion.

How to order your combo meal in train ?

Ordering a combo meal with RailRestro is extremely simple. All you have to do is go to their homepage, key in your train details and date of journey and they will provide you with a list of restaurants and their menus. If you scroll down in the menu, in almost all of the restaurants, you will find the option of having combo meals, and from there, you can place your order. Your combo meal will be served fresh and hot at your seat in the desired station!

So, all you have to do is pick and choose a combo meal, and RailRestro will make sure that it gets served to you, when and where you want it!

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