Group Food Ordering In Train

When it comes to excursion or a trip most sought after, everyone’s just in the mood to have a ball and not lose fun part of the whole journey worrying about small things. It becomes merrier if you are on a trip with your friends, family members or your colleagues. You want to carry the best memories in everything you do, be it having food together or hiking together. Whether you are on a business trip with your colleagues or travelling on a family members wedding trip or just a lifetime planned trip with your friends, you don’t have to worry much regarding your hunger. Thanks to efforts from E-catering services in train.

Ordering Food for wedding groups:

People travelling on a wedding trip to some remote venue generally book a complete boggy in Indian railways. Food concern for such a big band of Barati’s is a major one for the host. Now, Railrestro has got it all covered. Now you can order for family members travelling with you on a wedding trip in train. Our major restaurant partners are down the line to serve you the best ever food in train. Custom menu orders are also taken care of for special concerns. Group order discounts comes as surprise.

Ordering Food for Friends on an Excursion Trips:

Friends travelling on a planned excursion trip want to enjoy the most and have every possible food and specialities of stations falling along their trip. We have got it all connected, offering lip smacking hot food rights at your seat without any up-front charges.

Ordering Food for People on Religious Trips:

Saatvik food in train is something which is most sought by people who travel to remote religious places. These trips are usually organised by head of the family of a caring son. We take care of your Saatvik food demands in train along with special discounts on group orders. Looking for Jain Thaali in train, we have special offers for them too.

Ordering food While Travelling back to college after Vacations:

College students travelling for vacations or back to their colleges can also book their food as per their preferences in advance. Especially students travelling to remote locations in South India, always want their preferred food to be served on such trips. It has been made a lot easier with online e catering services in trains.

So, if you are travelling in group and want to have the best food items delivered right at your seat, you can easily order at e-catering services in train either via website, call or Whatsapp at 8102888111. Order today and avail great discounts on your group food ordering in trains.

Group Food Ordering In Train

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