Group Food Order in Train

A famous quote says, “The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals”. Religious festivals are a great fun for kids, parents and give an opportunity to welcome a big break from the stress and pressure of a nuclear family and a 9 to 6 job schedule. It’s the time to celebrate the festive culture and the deep mythological legacy which is popular in the form of holy books. Its conveyed from our childhood that “India is a land of festivals” and the true culture is visual during the festive season of Diwali and Chhath puja. It’s one of the most pious festivals in India and a season where people from all the locations of India travel to their native land, believing that landing to their hometown during the season and celebrating the festivals with family is the only short -term destination. The phase of Oct-Nov is the holiday season in India as major festivals like Diwali and Chhath falls during this month.

Indian Railways has introduced various special train apart from the routine trains to manage the extra crowd at stations. The congregation of passengers at railway platforms reveals their enthusiasm to travel at any cost to meet their family and help the members in the festive preparations. Thanks to Indian Railways which introduced several AC special trains to control the extra rush of passengers.

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Group Food Order in Train

Diwali- The Festival of Lights
Diwali is a five-day festival which is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains across the globe. It is a triumph of good over evil. People celebrate Diwali with great enthusiasm. The zeal to celebrate Diwali is reflected in the form of Diya/candle lights, sweets, gifts, Rangolis, and electric decorations. The festival ends with a Lakshmi puja and frequent bursting of crackers.

Chhath Puja- A Spiritual Dedication to Sun God
Chhath puja is one the most pious and holy festivals celebrated with extreme dedication especially in the state of Bihar And Uttar Pradesh. The Chhath Puja is dedicated to the worship of Sun God in two phases i.e, the evening phase (called as “Sadhaya Arghya”) and the morning phase (called as “Suryaodaya Arghya”). The devotees break their fast after the “Suryaodaya Arghya” and offer prasad.

Traveling in a Group? Call RailRestro for Group Food Order
Every journey tells a story. Some stories convey the horrendous experience, and some carry a wonderful and joyful experience embossed forever in mind. Nothing gives as much pleasure as traveling in a group by train. Friends and relatives who travel to their destination location in a group enjoy the journey by chit-chatting sharing political issues, playing UNO cards, Antakshari and Truth and dare. There is a high probability that the group traveling by train has no time to cook and carry food for the entire journey. The food availability in train becomes a serious concern in a long distance, no pantry train. The food sold at stations are prepared under unhygienic conditions and difficult to consume. Do you feel the question on “how to get good food in Train for group journey” remains unsolved? The answer to this concern is “NO”.

Group food Ordering in Train with Discount

Hot and fresh food is a few clicks away from your seat. Call RailRestro at 8102-888-111 to book the group food order and make your journey merrier than ever. Visit our website or download our mobile application for free from Google Play store and IOS. Order online to get a discount of 20% on group food ordering.

How RailRestro Prepares to Deliver the Group Food Order
There are five ways to place a group food order on the route you travel.
Order via website: Visit our website at and enter your PNR number to check the restaurants en route. Choose your restaurant and browse the menu to order and pay via our secure payment gateway or by Cash on Delivery
Order Via Mobile Application: One can easily order food in train via our application to get exciting discounts. Use code “APP05” to get a discount of 5% on the bill amount.
Order Via Call:Call 8102-888-111 to place your order via phone. Our food experts will record and place the food order.
Chat with our Digital Food Experts: You can chat with our digital food experts online and convey your order. They will book the order with the vendors on route.
Request a CallBack: Fill in your details like name, mobile number with a message.  Our representatives will call you back for smooth group food ordering in train.

Note: Order 60 minutes before the arrival of the train at station.

Once the order is placed by the passengers, the vendors are intimated by an E-mail, SMS or a call.  The vendors check the orders like the name of the train, passenger Name, berth number, details of group order, quantity and the menu to be delivered.

The partner restaurant (vendor) prepares hot and fresh food to deliver in train by matching the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) standards. The food is prepared under hygienic condition and securely packed to serve in train. The orders are clubbed and sent for delivery by the delivery experts, to the station from where the order was booked. The delivery person will deliver you the hot and fresh food by identifying the passenger via berth number and name. If the order is booked for COD payment, the delivery boy will collect the bill amount.

Note: RailRestro provides food in train to the passengers prepared only by the licensed vendors. We don’t cater food to passengers from any unlicensed vendors.
Track your Order: Enter your order number and mobile number to track your order to know the tracking details.

Now any passenger can enjoy a variety of cuisines from different cities. Food specialties like vegetarian, non-vegetarian, north Indian, south Indian, Gujarati, Chinese, Biryani or fast foods like burgers, pizzas and soft drinks. Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian, Indian or Chinese, Thalis or Combos, RailRestro has every specialty to serve its passengers who are looking for the best food experience in train. So, if you are planning to travel either a long or short journey in a group, then tasty food will also be one of your companions traveling with you. Say good bye to the unhealthy and messy food of pantry car or the one sold at station. It’s the digital era where meals are available on wheels via clicks or calls.

Enjoy Special Discounts on Group Food Orders

  • Apply the code “GROUP20” to get a discount of 20% on the bill amount.
  • Use special code “DIWALI15” to get flat 15% off on orders above INR 400.

Enjoy the festive ride while you order food in train with RailRestro

How RailRestro Caters to Group Food Order During Festivals

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