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India! A country full of diversities in heritage, culture, climate, lifestyle and terrains! Somewhere there is nothing but sand and at other place, nothing but the mountains. 29 states and 7 territories, completely different in their customs, life style, and culture but each place have something really pleasant and wonderful to offer to its visitors. What goes common in all over India is the friendly nature and helpful behavior of its citizens. Whether you go to North Indian terrain of you move to south India, you will be mesmerized to see its beauty and unique culture. There are multiple tourism spots growing rapidly in India which are attracting millions of travelers each day. Let us take you to an exotic visit of Indian terrains attracting travelers’ enthusiasts with its beauty and charm.

According to a report published by the Economic Times, India is expecting to serve almost 14, 000, 00 (1.41 million) tourist by the year 2020. The report also said that, most numbers of travelers were from USA (United state of America) followed by Bangladesh and UK (United Kingdom). So, all these facts are indicating the growth of Indian tourism and popularity of Indian terrains. So let’s start our Indian tourism with Adventurous style. Yeah! Firstly we will tell you about adventurous tourism in India. Every train passenger in India might be aware of his PNR number through which they can order food online in train at any station. Dial 8102-888-111 and connect to RailRestro for food ordering in train.

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Adventure Tour in India: If you are looking for an adventurous trip in India, there are many spots which will provide an enthralling experience full of joy. These places will ignite your travelers’ spirit and gives you an amazing experience of adventure. Let’s head to the northern state of India Uttrakhand.

Places for Adventurous Tour in Uttarakhand: Uttarakhand is a place where natural beauty and the true religious colors of pilgrims meet at a point. Previously, it was a part of Himalayan regions of Uttar Pradesh but in the year 2000, the region became independent state named as “Uttrakhand” means “Part of north (Uttar Pradesh)”. The state is called the “Land of Gods” because of many ancient temples and the beautiful nature of the place. The capital often city is Dehradun and high court of the state lies in Nainital City. Both of these cities are marvelously beautiful. So, very first city for the adventurous tour in Uttrakhand is Rishikesh.

  • Rishikesh Adventurous Tourism: Rishikesh is a beautiful city in Uttarakhand. The city is situated at the foothills of Great Mountain Himalayas and beside it’s the Ganga flows in it full speed. The place offers white river rafting to the tourist. The experience is amazing and it would allure you to visit again over this place for some adventurous water sports. While river rafting gives you a feeling of adventure, you would be mesmerized with open eyes when you will gaze at the lush green Himalayan Mountains. The beauty and joy both comes together to give a pleasurable experience of this tour. The rafting professionals are also accompanied on rafting boats to provide you a safe and accident-free rafting experience.
  • Ideal Time: The flow of River Ganga is very fast here, so avoid monsoon season as the rafting activities are close during this time. The best time to travel here is from April to June.

  • Bungee jumping: So, for an adventure full of thrill and excitement, you are welcome to Rishikesh. Bungee jumping is all about a thrilled jump from the height of almost 270 feet with the help of a thick rope. An exiting experience of jump in which neither you are landing on the earth nor you have a base below your feet. You are somewhere overarching between earth and sky and looking at green world from there. The experience would be a life time worth remembering and so exiting.Your weight should be at least of 40 kg and less than 110 kilograms.
  • Tons Valley Water Rafting: The river rafting experience will leave you amazed in tons river valley. On the go, you will encounter many exotic places which would love to flow with. For this rafting experience you must visit in Uttrakhand at Garhwal District. So enjoy an adventurous water activity in Uttarakhand.

  • Giant swing: Similar like the bungee jumping with minimum difference lies in the height of fall. In giant swing the two thick ropes attached with a seat harness is provided to the adventurer and the person keeps swinging in the free air like a pendulum. Enjoy giant swing and look at the green world of Himalayas and Uttarakhand’s natural beauty. This activity is performed in Mohan Chatti Village of Rishikesh, the same place from the bungee jumping happens.

  • Roopkund Trekking: Roopkund mountain range is situated in Chamoli District of Uttrakhand. One can trek here to the elevation of 3,200 m, roughly 10,498 feet above from the sea level. If you are fond of trekking then must go for this trek trip in Uttrakhand. Don’t forget to see “Lake of mysteries” because this the most exciting part of this trek. The lake is also called “Roopkund Lake” and it is the home of 100 skeletons.
  • If you are looking for more adventure destination in India then here is the list.

    • Scuba Diving – Andaman ( one of the union territories of India)
    • Sky diving – Mysore, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Pondicherry (Tamil Nadu)
    • Skiing – Jammu and Kashmir , Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand
    • Caving – Meghalaya
    • Sand adventure ( Dune Bashing – air ballooning ) – Rajasthan
    • Para –Gliding – Rajasthan , Sikkim , Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh
    • Surfing : Goa, Kerala , Andaman and Vishakha Pattnam (Andhra Pradesh)

    Wildlife Tourism: India has been home to many wild life creatures. If you want to have glimpses of Wildlife creatures or looking for a jungle safari then your search ends in India. Here, in India there are so many national reserved parks and sanctuaries has been made which allow the wildlife animal to move freely. There are also some species of animals being reserved that are marked under endangered. You have glimpses of Jungle king Lion, The Bengal tiger, one horned rhinoceros, flying squirrel, golden jackal, leopard cats and so many unique creatures that you would not have been seen or heard earlier. Guide and SUVs are provided at each sanctuary and national reserves to take the tourists inside these jungles. So let’s move to some of the most exotic jungles of the India.

    • Sundarban Wildlife Sanctuary: Located in the state “West-Bengal” at the Ganga river delta region. The sundarban wildlife sanctuary is home to many wild life creatures such as Royal Bengal tigers, Fishing Cat, leopard, Indian flying fox, kingfisher and hundreds of birds residing in the sanctuary. The nearest city is Kolkata At the distance of 90 kms from Sundarban.
    • Bandhavgarh National Park:The Park is located in Madhya Pradesh and it has the highest numbers of tigers residing in India. The national park has not only different wild animals living in it but it has also a medieval fort and many caves. So if you are planning for a wildlife photography destination in India then visiting this place is must.
    • Jim Corbett National Park: The Park is situated in Nainital district of Uttrakhand. The national reserve park has wide range of wild animals. To see golden jackal and leopard cat you must visit this national park. You will also have glimpses of elephant herds, leopards, tigers and hundred species of birds.
    • Kaziranga National Park: The park was established in 1904 and the credit goes to Mrs. Curzon, who asked her husband Mr. Curzon (Viceroy of British ruled India) to establish a reserved place for one horned rhinoceros. The park is located in Assam. The only place where, one horned Indian rhinoceroses are found. The park has also been recognized as world heritage by UNESCO. The park is also known one of the major “Tiger reserve”. But you will get to see many endangered wild animals and birds here.
    • Keoladio National Park Bharatpur: It is also known as Bharatpur bird sanctuary located in Rajasthan. This one is one of the most famous and popular bird sanctuaries among visitors. For your information, the park has almost more than 350 bird’s species. Not restricted to only birds, the park has hundreds of species of reptiles. Almost 50 species of fishes, different kinds of turtles and amphibian habitat in the region.
    • Vikramshila Dolphin Sanctuary: The sanctuary is located in a city named Bhagalpur, Bihar. This sanctuary is actually a protected stretch of Ganga River at Bhagalpur and it is 50 kms long stretch in the river to protect Gangetic Dolphins and other threatened aquatic animals.
    • So these are some of the national reserves of India, offering glimpses of wildlife and wild creature.

      Another tourism sector in India is “wellness and medical tourism”. Here in India a lot of physical and mental therapies, Yoga, exercise and other activities are being conducted at many different places to heal mental and physical strengths of people and give them inner peace , joy and beauty. There are many places in India, where these kinds of tourism are very popular. Wellness and medical tourism in India is growing very rapidly and mushrooming chains of such wellness clinics are offering health and peace to the tourists. So if you are also looking for such treatment, nothing can beat the Indian terrains and the facilities provided by wellness therapy centers. Usually for medical tourism cities like Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai are so famous spot among tourist on the other hand Goa, Kerala, Karnataka and Uttarakhand is alluring the tourist. Here is the description of states where you can move for your wellness or medical purposes.

    • Kerala: Kerala is known for its beautiful charm and natural landscapes. The state is known as “God’s own Country”. The state is located in the lap of nature, lakes and greenery. Every year many tourists move to the state to find wellness treatment. Detoxification, rejuvenation therapies, weight loss, stress control and yoga therapies are being conducted in Kerala at almost all the hotels. Most of the hotels and stay points have their own spa, yoga centre, beauty clinic attached with it. You can head to Pallakad, Thrissur, and Kovalam for availing these Ayurveda therapies. In fact at these cities have many “Ayurvedic resorts and health clinic” to treat its tourists. So one can fully maintain an ayurvedic life style during their stay can get a refreshing experience of Ayurveda therapies.
    • Karnataka: Mysore and Bangalore are the best places in Karnataka to go for the Wellness and medical tourism. There are hundreds of resorts offering spa, Ayurveda medication, lifestyle packages, de-stress therapies and yoga session to the tourists. Many aqua and land activities are also conducted for the tourists to get fresh and a new start. The wellness centers gives plethora of options to the tourist to choose from according to their preference. Many people head to the city for beauty and anti-aging therapies.
    • Goa: The place where you will see the sun rising from the sea and setting somewhere far behind the mountains. The beach side yoga centers provide a perfect destination for wellness tourism. Yoga sessions are conducted on the sea side beach, on the sand. Bamboo- tent living, a fixed dietary, yoga and spa sessions, ayurvedic massage and rest of the day visiting at different sites in Goa is going to make you completely new kind of person , full of inner and outer beauty.
    • Chennai: According to a report published in “Deccan Chronicle” in March 2018, Chennai (Madras) is emerging as cheap medical tourism hub. The outstanding medical infrastructure, medical institutes and Government schemes have taken many public-welfare steps to provide medical facilities to the patients at very low cost compared to other cities of India or abroad. The super-specialty medical facilities, team of doctors and pathological centers have joined their hands in the initiative to provide surgical facilities. People come here to avail the medical facilities such as bypass surgery, cancer treatments, organ transplantation and weight loss surgery from all over the world.
    • Mumbai: A major city and capital of Maharashtra “Mumbai” is becoming a medical tourism hub day by day. According to an article published in “Indian Express” reputed English daily of India in February 2108, it has been stated that state receives almost 2 lakh of tourists every year for medical tourism purpose. People across the India and abroad come here with a hope to get well. Medical institutes lay TATA hospitals; Fortis Hospital, Kokilaben Dhirubai Ambani Hospital, etc. are providing world class treatment to the patients.
    • So, these are the main cities where you can find the health and healthier ways to lead a life. Apart from these places you can also move to Uttrakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Delhi, Pune, Sikkim etc. for availing wellness therapies in India. Apart from Chennai and Mumbai, you can visit to Delhi, Ahmadabad and Bangalore for availing medical tourism.

      Monuments/forts and Ruins Sightseeing: If you are visiting India to see its heritage, architect and ancient forts then you are whole-heartedly welcomed in India. The amalgam of different cultural architect (especially influence of Mughal and British Empire) would leave you amazed when you will be visiting forts of ancient Samrats and Samragyis (Emperor and empress). The different kinds of painting, sculptures and colorful stones would give thousands of moment to click.

      • Taj Mahal: First and foremost place to see in India! Taj Mahal is among 7 wonders of the world located in city Agra (Uttar Pradesh) in India. Everyday thousands of people flock here to see its beauty. The palace is made by a Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife “Begam Mumtaz Mahal”. It took 20 years to be constructed. The palace is built of while marbles and it looks wonderful.
      • Red fort, Delhi: Made of red bricks and stones, this fort has become the identity of India. One of the most popular and most visited forts of India has a very wide structure. The fort has been recognized a UNESCO world heritage and one of the most preserved fort of India.
      • Hawa Mahal (Jaipur, Rajasthan): The palace was built for royal female members to observe the city outside. The hundred windows of the palace make it so breezy that’s why the palace called Hawa-Mahal.
      • Chittorgarh Fort (Rajasthan): It is the biggest fort of India and an UNESCO heritage site marvelous architect of the time. A must visit fort of Indian heritage.
      • Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan: Though Rajasthan is full of forts built during Hindu Rajputana Kings and emperors, but once you will visit the fort, it is said to be haunted. Entry is restricted after sunset and before sunrise. People can roam in ruins during day time only. The local people swear by the different activities that happen during nights at the place. So, must visit the place in Rajasthan. Apart from Rajasthan, you can move to Karnataka, Maharashtra, Bihar, and Madhya Pradesh to explore the Indian architect.

      So, plan your travel itinerary and add these above mentioned themes in your plan. For transportation, you can book IRCTC railway journey ticket as it as wide network of railways connecting each corner of the country and don’t forget to taste Indian cuisines in the train. All you need to do is select your station where you want to order food, enter your PNR number, choose your food from menu and then select the payment mode. Your food will be delivered to your berth. Now, look to the country will call you with its open arms saying “Atithi Devo Bhawa”!!!! Have a happy journey to the incredible India.

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