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Rising mercury levels to new highs every day drain the water and starve the body cells. Temperature and humidity have escalated to new levels and broke the records of the past few decades. The electrolyte decline due to excessive sweating makes us feel low in energy. To prevent the body from heat strokes, one needs to stay hydrated with some refreshing drinks and foods. 


Eating healthy and water-rich food and having drinks become important, especially when outside your comfort zone or travelling. You can get healthy, delicious and water-rich drinks and food on train with e-catering services. 


Summer Special Refreshing Food on Train 


You can get a range of food items on train with online e-catering services. Here are 10 refreshing foods you can order in train to beat the heat in Indian summers. 






The Indian probiotic drink boasts all the nutritional requirements and is a natural coolant. Many drinks span Indian drinks with curd being the key ingredient, such as buttermilk, Chhachh and multiple raitas. One can also use many fruits along with curd to prepare lip-smacking desserts. Chhachh is a popular curd-based drink to have during hot days. 




Coconut Water


It helps maintain the electrolyte balance of the body and has many minerals which nurture the cells. Cytokines, the major ingredient, serve as growth promoters for body cells. It’s also been proven effective for gastric patients and acts as an anticancer drink.



Aam Panna


The drink is believed to be a one-stop cure for heat stroke caused during summer. People just love the refreshing taste of pressure-cooked raw mangoes, which are blended with black pepper powder and can be spiced up by adding soda. It is the best summer drink that saves you from Loo. You can order this summer drink on train. 





It comprises 80% water content and is the best summer hydrating agent. It can be consumed raw post-cooling or used to make other variants of sherbet. Watermelon is also a rich source of antioxidants which has an anti-ageing effect.





This in-expensive, crunchy vegetable serves as a major ingredient of Indian salads. It contains a lot of fibres that can help keep constipation at bay. These can be used in multiple ways, such as in veg sandwiches and salads or consumed raw on the go.



Jal Jeera


Jaljeera is the kids’ favourite summer drink. It helps in digestion and keeps you hydrated for long. During summer, Jal Jeera is served with a pinch of chaat masala and black salt, making it one of the tastiest drinks. 




Chocolate Smoothies


Children are very fond of smoothies made with milk, chocolate syrups, and ice cream. These drinks are very refreshing during summer. You can order them online to enjoy their incredible taste during your train trip.





Popularly known as “Pudina”, it is one of the best summer ingredients added to raita or used as chutney. This is very refreshing and helps in digestion as well. It has many medicinal properties for gastro disorders—mint-based dishes like Pudina Chutney, Mint Lassi etc. 






Ice-creams are the heart of summer foods. Delicious taste, aromatic smell, and fruity ingredients blend perfectly to offer you a soothing taste. You can have mind-blowing combos in summer like Jalebi-ice cream, Pizza-ice cream etc. They are refreshing as well as rich in calories, helping you replenish the drained energy during summer.


Stay healthy, eat fresh & keep smiling. You can order all these while travelling by train. The convenient way out is to order food in train and deliver it to your desired place and time.


What Indian food to eat during summer?


Green leafy veggies, fruits, and curd-based dishes are best to eat in summer. You can order a range of food items on train with RailRestro e-catering. For summer, you can above mentioned all the food items. 


How can I order special summer food in train? 


Through the e-catering services, you can order food in train. Summer special foods are also available on trains. You can order through the web, rail food app, WhatsApp number, and customer support. 


To order food, you just need to provide your PNR number or train details and select your favourite food and summer special dishes afterwards. Place your food order online and get food delivery in train to your seat. 

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