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Food is one of major concerns of travellers during journeying. What to pack, that does not get contaminated, What to eat, if home-packed food get outdated while journeying, what to keep in bags, that taste always good and satisfying. Don’t these questions come to mind while packing bags for a long train trip? And if you’re a foodie, these questions surely will come to your mind even for a short trip. 


Searching answers for all these thoughtful questions, you might think of pantry car food options or buying food from local vendors. But, Since pantry car food comes with several back lashes like it does not taste so good, and it is also not considered very hygienic. Its availability is also only in some trains. And which train is available, it serves very limited food options.


RailRestro’s e-catering services comes as problem solver which offer numerous food options on almost all long routes trains. Its easy-to use interface lets users order their preferred food on train with just some clicks. And to make the food ordering process more easy, the train food app, has now added a new way to order food- “ecatering Whatsapp Services”. 



Why RailRestro Whatsapp Services 


Whatsapp is one of the most convenient apps almost all of us own. Our availability on this messaging app is higher than any other social media platform. We rely on it for our college notes, paying our bills, and knowing people’s stories to stay connected with our friends and families through messages, voice notes, and video calls.  Now, you can even order food on train through it. 



Steps to Order Food in Train on Whatsapp 


Through RailRestro WhatsApp number, Rail passengers can order journey food by following some simple steps and gets its delivery right to their seats at any of the railway stations of India. 


  • First, you need to save RailRestro Whatsapp number 8102888999 with the code of India on your android phone or iPhone. After saving the number, you will see the blue tick with the company name, depicting its authenticity.
  • Now you can send a normal greeting message like “Hi”, “Hello”, or “Namaste”. 
  • The AI boat will respond to your message with warm greetings and a helpful mind to aid you with the train food order process. 
  • There will be two options for you to choose between “order food” to place a fresh order and “track order” to check the order status if you have already placed the order. 
  • You need to provide a PNR number if you tap on “order now” button for your food order. Chatbot also guides you in  find out the PNR number, if you are facing any problem.  
  • After entering the ticket’s PNR number, The WhatsApp chat bot will provide you station name list for which you can order food. Once, you choose the station, you will be provided with available Restaurants and their menu list. 
  • Choose your favourite food from various food options like mouth-watering Pizza, delicious burgers, yummy Chinese dishes , regional thali and more to satiate your tastebuds and hunger. 
  • After selecting food, you can proceed with the payment options. You can choose cash on delivery or an online payment method. Now place the order. 



Track Your Food Order Status on Whatsapp 


After greeting at the whatsapp number 8102888999, you also get the option to track your food order. To track your order, you need to follow these steps. 


  • Send “Hi” on this number 8102888999. The chatboot will come with two options of track order and orderder now. 
  • Choose the “track order” button. 
  • Now, chatboot will ask you to provide your registered mobile number that you have entered during placing your order. 
  • Afterward, you will need to provide your order Id, a seven digit number that you can find in SMS you received from RailRestro. 
  • After, providing valid order Id, you will get your order status on whatsapp. 


Through, whatsapp chatbot, you can also talk to our customer executive for any concern related to orders, food options, availability of our services at particular stations and more. The tech-savvy way to order food on the train will completely transform your journey experience. So, what are you waiting, pre-order your food through whatsapp for your next train trip. Alternatively, you can also order your food on train through RailRestro website or install the train food app. 


Whatever way you choose to order food, RailRestro wants you to have a trip Sweet like  Kolkata’s Rassogulla, Crisp like Chennai’s Dosa, Happy like Delhi’s Jalebi, and Memorable like Mumbai’s Vada Pav. 


FAQs Related to RailRestro’s New Way to Order Food Services 


Which number I can use to order food through whatsapp?


Rail passengers can use RailRestro Whatsapp number 8102888999 to order food on train.


What are the other options through which rail passengers can order food on train?


Travellers can use RailRestro mobile app, website, and customer care number 8102202203 to order food for their train journey.


What are the benefits of Using RailRestro’s “order online food by whatsapp service”?


With the online food order service option on Whatsapp, passengers will not need to visit any website or install an app. They can directly place the food order of their choice from the restaurants at their preferred en-route stations with the two-way interactive communication platform that provides hassle-free and easy-to-book online meal services.

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Author: Sakshi Kumari