We Indians love food over anything. And maybe because of it only we have varieties of food options. Even foreign dishes have so much popularity in India. Moreover, the Indian food menu has blended culinary recipes with Indian cuisines such as Fried Rice, Hakka Noodles, Gobi Manchurian etc., which are popular among youths. India has accepted exotic food and its influences on it with open arms.


Today, it has even become so difficult to distinguish traditional Indian food from food influenced by other nations. So, here we have listed authentic Indian dishes for you to experience on your train journey with a relaxed mind. 




Indian Food an Overview 


Indian foods are diversified. Each region of India offers a different culinary culture. Uses of species, herbs, and vegetables in food recipes change with climate, soil, and environment change. The northern part of India offers entirely different food from southern India. However, you can get Southern India’s most popular Dosa in the tastiest form at a small restaurant in the Northern part of India. This diversified culinary culture is admired all across the nation. 


You get time to explore India more closely on a train, especially on a long train route. E-catering service providers offer India’s authentic food delivery in train to make each passenger’s train journey a delicious treat. The Cuisine of India is the country’s heartbeat, and experiencing it on a moving train is the best thing you can do. 


Must-Try Authentic Indian Dishes for Your Train Journey 


There are several options for food for train journey in India. But if you want to taste the essence of the country’s traditions. Here is a list of traditional Indian delicacies for you to try to tantalise your taste buds on train. 




1. Curry-Chawal; A Complete Meal  


Curd and besan-based Kadhi and Rice is the best combo meal in India. Its divine taste, loaded with health benefits, is popular among people of Northern and Western India. You can also try the authentic Indian meal kadhi chawal on train to satisfy your taste buds. 



2. Makki-di-Roti Ate Sarson-da-Saag; Flavour of Punjab


The combination of classic dishes of Makki Ki Roti and Sarson ka Saag is the best Punjabi food. The dish is served with Suddh Desi Ghee and tastes epic.  You must try this most authentic Indian food on your next train journey. 



3. Puranpoli; From the Kitchen of Maharashtra


Puran Poli is a Marathi dish. It is a flat sweetbread with fillings of sweetened chana dal. The dish is usually eaten at festivals like Diwali, Gudi Padwa, Yugadi, and Holi. You can experience the taste of this festive feast on your trip to the state of Maharashtra. 



4. Maach Bhaat; Bengali Dish


Fish and Rice is a traditional and simple Indian cuisine. Its incredible taste is popular among the people of West Bengal and Odhisha. Macher Jhol Bhaat is usually prepared with Rohu dranes and served with steamed Rice. You can try the exclusive taste of Maach Bhaat as your train meal at Howrah station to admire the traditional Bengali culinary culture. 



5. Undhiyu-Bajra Roti; Epic Taste of Gujarat and Rajasthan 


The special combo of two states’ most famous dishes, Undhiyu and Bajra Roti, is India’s epic food for train journeys. Undhiyu is a Popular Gujarati dish made up of a mix of multiple vegetables, spices, peanuts, and coconuts. The dish is the best companion with Rajasthan’s popular gluten-free Bajra Roti.   



6. Dosa; South India’s Gift 


Crispy Dosa is no doubt a gift of Karnataka to the world. The traditional dish is crunchy and flavourful, served with sambar and coconut chutney. Several types of dosas are available, including Plain Dosa, Masala Dosa, Rava Dosa, Neer Dosa, Moong Dal Dosa, Ragi Dosa, Atta Dosa, etc. You can get delivery of varieties of Dosa on train.  



7. Litti-Chokha; From the Land of Monasteries 


Bihar’s renowned Litti-Chokha is one of the long-lasting Indian food recipes for the train journey, which will never get old. It is a healthy yet tasty food option you can keep on your train food menu list. Litti is prepared with the stuffing of Sattu in a wheat dough ball, which is later dipped in pure ghee. Chokha is made with mashed eggplant, boiled potato and tomato. You can relish on train. 



8. Irachi Ishtu & Appam; Unique Combo From South


If you crave non-veg on train, this special combo of Irachi Ishtu and Appam is for you. Irachi Ishtu is Kerala’s famous Chicken stew dish. That combines perfectly with Appam, a rice-based, thin-fluffy pancake. You can order Irachi Ishtu and Appam as your food in train at Thiruvananthapuram junction to experience Kerala’s culinary heritage. 



9. Bisibelebath; A Healthy Delicacy


Bisi Bele Bath is an aromatic delicacy full of flavour, spices, and vegetables. The cuisine originated in Mysore is the main course menu. It is a hot lentil Rice dish prepared with coriander seeds, chana dal, urad dal, cumin, methi, coconut etc. You must try the traditional Bisibelebath on train to satiate your travel hunger and relish the taste of incredible India. 



10. Chhole-Bhature; Invention of Delhi 


Delhi is a heaven for people who love food. Chhole Bhature is one of the authentic Indian dishes, that originated in Delhi in 1940. It is a deep-fried Puri combined with Chickpea masala curry. You can get delivery of this tasty meal recipe as your train meal at any major railway station in India. 


Apart from these food lists, several regional foods have origins in India. You can taste it while travelling. Besides, you can also order different varieties of thalis on train from different Indian states to explore the culinary culture of India. 


What are Popular Foods in India but Not Indian?


Jalebi, Puri-Sabji, Samosa, Dal Bhat, Rajma, Chicken Tikka Masala, Gulab Jamun etc., are popular foods in India. But, these foods have origins in other Asian countries like Persia, Nepal, the Middle East, Tibet, Portugal, and Mexico. 


Which Indian Food Can You Pack for a Train Journey?


Various Indian foods are long-lasting. You can pack them for a relaxing train journey. Homemade chips, fruits, and sandwiches are some of the healthy snacks must pack for your train journey


How Can I Order Authentic Indian Food on Train?


Through the help of e-catering platforms, you can order traditional Indian food on train. To order food on train, you can follow the below-written steps: 


Step 1: Install the e-catering app RailRestro or visit its e-catering website. 

Step 2: Enter your ticket’s PNR or train number to explore the train food menu. 

Step 3: Choose your favourite food which you want to taste on train. If you are willing to get authentic Indian food on train. You can choose any of the food mentioned above to order in train.

Step 4: Check the food cart. Proceed with the payment methods, enter your details and order online food in train. 


Now relax in your train seat. One of the delivery boys of RailRestro will deliver your food directly to your seat/berth. RailRestro is a leading train food delivery service provider in India with which you can get veg, non-veg, regional, Chinese, and Jain food in train


The food app is dedicated to ensuring a train journey with a great food experience.     

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Author: Sakshi Kumari