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Our cosmic oasis, cosmic blue pearl
The most beautiful planet in the universe
All the continents and the oceans
United we stand as flour and fauna
United we stand as species of one earth
Different cultures, beliefs and ways
We are human, the earth is our home
All the people and the nation of the world
All for one and one for all
United we unfurl the blue flag

The beautiful poem penned by “Mr. Abhay K” (an Indian Poet Diplomat) has beautifully and poetically described the relation of nature with human beings and how important it is for ecological balance. It’s the most unique diversity of colors and appears as a most beautiful painting created around us. Nature is an incredible gift of God and the best therapy for human life. The beauty of nature is one of the great blessings on us. Nature also bestows its beauty and creates a source of Income for many countries. There’re such natural places as tourism spots which attracts tourist and help to increase economical standards. From ancient era to till date, nature has provided us with food, water, medicine, shelter, soothing climate and nutrients. United Nations has dedicated the day “5th June” to celebrate the World Environment Day which themes to conservation and protection of our environment. Every year, major corporations, NGO’s and celebrities promotes the sanctity of the day and influence people to take serious steps for protecting and preserving our mother nature.

Background of World Environment Day
In the year 1972 General Assembly of the United Nation (UN) evolved with “World Environment Day”. It was the same day when United Nation Environment Program (UNEP) was also adopted by the General Assembly, which is a specialized agency for entertaining the environmental issue. The first World Environment Day was held in the year 1974 with the theme “Only One Earth”. It was the first environmentally themed world’s fair. It was held in the northwest United States in Spokane, Washington, and ran for six months, from May 4 to November 3, 1974. This was a turning point in the development of international environmental process. The event is hosted every year on 5th of June by the different countries and commemorate with an international exposition. Every year it is organized with a chosen theme and focuses on natural development and its conservation.

Every year it is hosted by the different global counties, where the official celebration is announced. India hosted the WED (event) in 2011 with the theme “Forest Nature at your service”. Various activities are connected on the occasion of WED every year. Since from the first celebration of the world environment day has helped UNEP to raise awareness and generate political momentum around growing concern such as the depletion of the ozone layer, toxic chemicals, pollutants, desertification and global warming. The world environment day has become a global platform for taking action on urgent environmental issues.

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Why World Environment Day is celebrated:
The foremost reason of celebrating WED is to make aware and remind the people about their responsibilities to be attentive and use the natural resource in a better manner without exploiting the same. It is necessary to address issues like increase global warming, pollution, industrial waste, deforestation and use of toxic Chemicals in Human food chains. Throughout the world several theme, slogan, and campaigns are done to bring awareness of environmental degradation around the world. Also, the theme celebration is to promote to forestation, reducing greenhouse effect, focusing on forest management, energy production through solar source and many more. Apart from the scheduled events we can also celebrate the day from our end and in many personal ways. Here‘re some steps to be taken as a citizen for contributing towards nature and environmental up-gradation.

  • Walk or take a public transport to reach your destination: Emission of harmful smoke from the silencers of your vehicle causes a bad effect on the environment. Promise yourself to walk or prefer public transportation. This is an awesome way to respect nature and celebrate World Environment Day. Also, the use of CNG vehicles reduces environmental pollution to maximum level.

  • Waste Management: Everyone is aware of the word “Waste Management” but don’t know how to practice it. As we know that there’re two types of wastes “DRY WASTE” and “WET WASTE”. India is a country with more of wet waste, if not disposed properly, can create harmful gas in the environment. As a citizen, we must keep separate dustbins for both the wastes. It helps in effective recycling of dry/wet wastes.

  • Create your own Organic Garden: It’s the best way to touch the green India. Start a garden and bloom it with flowers and veggies without using harmful pesticides. An organic garden will be a major contribution to nature. Sikkim is the only Indian state which uses no pesticides and harmful chemicals for their agriculture. The state is declared as 100% organic Indian state. Creating your own garden on an individual level will be a major step towards conservation of nature as people around you will also learn to grow their organic gardens. There’re many alternatives to use in place of pesticides which can double your organic farming and production.

  • Promote or create an Event on World Environment Day: The urban living culture consists of societies and apartment culture which can promote the day by organizing events apart from the themes presented by UNEP. Through these programs or event one can promote the ways of conserving our environment.

This year, It’s China to host The World Environment Day Program with a theme of “AIR POLLUTION”

It’s well said that “The poetry of the earth can be seen in the form of the nature” and it’s our responsibility to appreciate and respect the most wonderful creation of God. Keep it clean and pollution-free. Let’s pledge on this World Environment Day to become an active agent in developing environmental safety measures and make our nearby surroundings safe and clean to enjoy a prosperous future.

RailRestro Wishes every citizen a Happy “World Environment Day”.

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