10 Nutritious Food in Train That You Need to Try on Your Journey

If you are displeased by the look and taste of pantry foods while travelling by train, then you are not alone. The most common complaint that Indian Railways receives is about the quality of food given by pantry cars. If you want to get nutritious food


10 Best Food on Train to Order Online

Who doesn’t love having delicious food in front of them while enjoying the beautiful landscapes from windows? Yes, we are talking about Indian train journeys. Although there are pantry cars available in many trains, they just provide stuff to fill your

chicken 65

History of Chicken 65 and Recipe

Do you know why the Chicken 65 is called so? The origins of this non-veg dish are firmly rooted in South India. Learn all about its history and the ultimate Chicken 65 Kerala style recipe!   In India, if we talk about non-veg dishes, what comes in

Contactless Food Delivery

Why E-Catering Is the Safest Option for Food in Trains During COVID-19?

RailRestro Offers Contactless Food Delivery in Trains as E-Catering Services Resume from 8 June Indian Railways had put e-catering in trains on hold even as these special trains were running due to the risk of spreading coronavirus, but seeing the impo


6 Benefits of Ordering Food on Train From RailRestro

Gone are the days when you would worry about food on the train while going on a long train journey. Now, you don’t have to pack food from home to satiate your hunger while travelling. When you can get delicious, high-quality meals right at your berth,