10 Curd Dishes for an Auspicious Train Journey

India is a country where people strongly believe in auspicious times and moments. From large Indian weddings to the small school exams, Indians follow their value and tradition of having a positive start.   In a nation of diversity in culture and


15 Delicious Rajasthani Food in Train to Delight and Drool

Padharo Maro Des! Rajasthan is well-known for its glorious history. You will only get an idea of ​​hospitality in Rajasthan at Jodhpur railway station. The beauty of Rajasthan will make you crazy, and its food will make you delight and drool.   Ra

Food in train

How to Get Pizza Delivery in Train

Wondering? How to get Pizza on train. No worries! The Railway E-catering sector has modernized its service and provides almost all types of food to satiate your craving during your journey. From the limited food options of pantry car to the choice of f


5 Top Selling Foods at Chennai Railway Station

Chennai, earlier known as Madras, is the capital of the South Indian State, ‘Tamilnadu’. The house of temples, churches and museums is the biggest southern Indian city. This coastal city has rich heritage, culture, and tradition to make the place in yo


15 Most Loved Kheer for a Sweet Train Journey

Kheer has a long history in Indian cuisine. It is the most beloved Indian emotion that everyone loves. Whether it’s your wedding, or you’ve got guests coming, or even if you passed the exam, this dessert never misses the chance to be in the