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Food Delivery in Train at Kakinada Town

Kakinada was previously known as “Coconada” and is a place in east Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. The Kakinada city railway station is the major railway station of the town. The station lies on the Samalkot-Kakinada port branch line which is a branch line of Howrah-Chennai main line.  Samalkot –Kakinada port branch line is a railway line of Andhra Pradesh which connects Samalkot and Kakinada port and also, the railway line intersects Vijayawada and Nidadavolu Loop line at Samalkot. 

The station is administered by Vijayawada railway division which underlies in the South Central Railway Zone. The station is well-equipped with all modern amenities such as computerized ticketing services, waiting rooms, cloak rooms, etc. There are waiting halls, retiring rooms available at railway station along with tea/coffee stalls, refreshment centers. Some of the premium trains originate from this station for example there is Gowthami SF, Circar Express. Trains like Seshadri Express, Coconada AC Express etc. are the trains which originate from this station.

On an important note, Kakinada City railway station is an “A” category railway station of Vijayawada railway division. The station has been recognized as a model and modern station of this division. 

There are also special trains which run from Hyderabad, Tirupati and Kollam on special occasions in every year. The train has also automatic ticket vending machine which is installed recently.

About the City
Kakinada is one the largest cities and district headquarters of East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. The city is also the second largest city in terms of population after Rajahmundry. The city is famous for its city planning and famous sweet “Khaja”. The city has beautiful beaches and tourist come here to enjoy the natural beauty of this earth. No doubt that this city is one the rapidly developing cities of India. The city is also included in the ambitious city planning of Narendra Modi’s smart city planning.   

Places to visit
There are so many natural places to visit in the city. If you want to explore the city, you will have mesmerizing experience of nature and its beauty at this place. Here are some of the places are must visit.

  1.  Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary: Coringa wildlife Sanctuary is located at a distance of about 20 kilometers from Kakinada, on the way of Kakinada to Yaman. The wildlife sanctuary is based on backwaters or we can say that it is made up of dams. If you are of an adventurer nature then this is one of the best places for you in Andhra Pradesh to visit. The place offers boat riding and lots of excitement.
  2. Hope Island: This is also very beautiful and small bay. On can enjoy beautiful place. One can spend some hours looking the beach sided and boating. It is a place where marine habitat and exquisite aquatic creatures are present. You can spot many kinds of fishes and other kinds of creatures.
  3. Kakinada Beach: The beach offers a beautiful scenic place for nature lovers. Not only for nature lovers, but the adventurer have also a play ground here at the beach. The beach is located out of the city but not at a far distance. You can board taxi or cabs t reach at the beach.
  4. Adduru Excavation Site: Well, if you are interested in knowing the history of cultural life of the past, this place is correct choice for you. You will find many things here related to Buddha age. The place has an importance in archeological sites of India.

Culture and Festivals
Most of the people follow Hinduism in the city but some other religion such as Islam, Buddhism and Jainism are also followed. The people of Kakinada are very hospitable and polite by their behavior. There are many festivals are celebrated in the city. Most of the people speak Telugu here. English and some other south Indian languages are spoken and understood here.

Kakinada Beach Festival: An annual festival under flagship of Kakinada which is celebrated every year in Kakinada. This is a type of music festival celebrated at the sea shore of Kakinada beach. This is a three days event loaded with immense music, fun and full of tasty cuisines.

Apart from a this all the major Hindu festivals such as Diwali, Vinayak  Chaturthi, Ram Navami are celebrated.

Khaja is a very famous sweet made in Kakinada city. Not only limited to the boundaries of this city, but the sweet is famous in all over Andhra and tourist coming here are also fond of this sweet. The sweet is made of refined flour (Maida) and sugar syrup in many layered forms. Apart from this sweet Kakinada is also famous for different kinds of pickles made here. Pickles made from mangoes, green vegetables, chicken, fish, shrimps (a type of Prawns) and mutton. There are so many Udupi vegetarian food items prepared here. Foods made up of rice and spices are very tasty. All the traditional cuisines   are cooked in the kitchens of Kakinada city, which is high in chilllies and spices.

Food at Kakinada station
If your train is passing by this station and you are having a hunger attack in your stomach, you can treat yourself by ordering food in train by RailRestro. There are many restaurants partner of RailRestro serve the hot and tasty food in train to the passengers. 

Avala Murthy: The restaurant serves variety of food on the train. You can order food like north Indian, south Indian plates and items in your train. You can also have French fries, salads and so many other light snacks for you. To order food from this restaurant you can order food in train from RailRestro app or website. You can have some coupon discount also to double your food delight at the station.You can also place group food order, if you’re traveling in a group.

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