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Food Delivery in Train at Mathura Cant.

Mathura cant is another railway station of the city Mathura than Mathura junction. We can also say that this railway station is a subsidiary railway station of Mathura serving Mathura cantonment area and city as well. The station is very small with total 2 platforms and 4 railway tracks. The platforms are sheltered. The station has parking facility. 

The station is under administration of Izzat Nagar Railway devising. The station is operated by north eastern railway. This cant station is not electrified till now and serves as single diesel BG railway tracks. The railway station serves Mathura-Kasganj railway lines. There are many trains that halt at the station. The station is located at the distance of 2 kilometers from Mathura Junction. Almost 18 to 19 trains halt at this station ever day.

About the City
Mathura is a very famous city of north India, situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This city is located at the distance of almost 145 kilometers from capital city of India Delhi and 50 kilometers from Agra.

Mathura is a divine place for all the Hindu religion followers and Krishna–community followers. Mathura is believed to be the place of birth of Lord Krishna. It is said that the mother Devaki and father Vasudev was forcely put behind the bars by the maternal uncle of Krishna, Kansa. When Krishna was born, aftehr Vasudev transferred the baby Krishna to Gokul, where Mata Yashoda and king Nanda brought up Krishna till his teenage.

Mathura is also counted in “Sapt Puri” the seven pilgrimage place including other 6 Indian cities. Mathura has a rich cultural history and that’s why the city is chosen as one of the heritage cities under “Heritage city development augmentation scheme” in 2015 to preserve and develop these cities.

There are a lot of places in this city that one can feel their selves lost in the beauty and divinity of the place. Colorful life style and polite behavior of the residents also attracts the tourists from all over the country an outside the boundaries of India to this place. This pace is also one of the tourism spot counted in “Krishna-circuit” including “Gokul-Mathura-Vrindavan” cities of India.

The city has been a home place for lord Krishna in his youth days; there are a number of temples showing different Avatars of Krishna. The temple city is a heaven for Krishna followers and archaeological students/scholars.

Cuisines at Mathura Cantt. 
Being a city of lord Krishna and home to cowherd residents, Mathura offers pure vegan food. All kinds of food are served in the restaurants of Mathura but when it comes to milk made sweets, Mathura offers this in its purest form. 

Mathura Khurchan and Peda (Made out of milk product and cheese) are world famous. No travelers go back without two things from this city one is temples of Krishna and packet of Peda. This cuisine is sold at the each corner of the Mathura city and all of the stalls prepare it very tasty and pure.

Food in train at Mathura Cant
If you are looking for food delivery in the train at this station then you can order your favorite food from RailRestro. There are total 5 official restaurant partners of RailRestro, serving delicious food in train at Mathura cant Railway station.

RailRestro food partners at Mathura Cant railway station

There are some of the best restaurants of the Mathura town serving as food partner of RailRestro. These restaurants deliver quality food in train. All of these restaurants are working perfectly to ensure food items in the train.

  1. Tulsi Family Restaurant- All kinds of vegetarian food items in the trains delivered in the train. You can choose your favorite food from this restaurant. To name few cuisines puri-bhaji, Veg sandwich, Pakode, Biryani, Cutlets, Veg thali, roti-seasonal vegetable, paneer curry, Chhole-bhature, Chinese combo and other vegetarian meals.
  2. Wah-Ji-Wah restaurant –this restaurant is also one of the most delicious food servers at Mathura cant and delivers tasty and delicious food in trains at Mathura cant. There are all kinds of vegetarian foods are available at the station. You can browse the menu for many more options.

How to order meal at this station
To order your meal on train at the station you can follow four steps to order food from arailrestro at Mathura cant railway station.

To order your food in train you just need to enter you PNR then select the food items of your choice and then select the mode of payments (online/COD) and then enjoy your meal at the station. 

You are advised to order your meal at least of 1 hour before reaching the particular station. You can order your meal Using RailRestro website or app. you can also request a call back on website and our food advisor will connects to you within seconds.Download our mobile application to get a discount of 5% on your food order. 

So enjoy your meal on train at Mathura junction.