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Grand Trunk Express (12616): Connecting New Delhi to Chennai

The Grand Trunk Express (12616) is a superfast express train of Indian Railways running between New Delhi and Chennai Central and TamilNadu. The train departs from Sarai Rohilla railway station of New Delhi and ends its journey at Chennai Central. Tamilnadu is popular for its ancient culture and beautiful architecture. It holds equal importance for its hill stations, waterfalls, national parks, cuisines, and temples. Chennai is a famous tourist spot for its blue beaches. People love to visit the place because it is famous for watching sunsets and sunrise on full moon. Tamilnadu is very well connected to all the major cities of India. There are numerous trains that connect the routes of Delhi and Tamilnadu. Grand Trunk Express is one of the most preferred superfast trains that operate between these two cities. Passengers can order food online in Grand Trunk Express via RailRestro. 

Grand Trunk Express: Details

  • Train Name: Grand Trunk Express
  • Train Number: 12616
  • Train Frequency: Daily
  • Service Type: Superfast Express
  • Operators: Southern Railway Zone
  • Start: Sarai Rohilla Railway Station, New Delhi
  • Ends: Chennai Central
  • Distance Travelled: 2,181km
  • Journey Time: 35 hours 15 minutes
  • Coaches: AC 1, AC 2, AC 3, Sleeper, General Unreserved
  • Catering Facilities: Available. Passengers can also order food online in Train  via RailRestro. 

Average Ticket of an adult

  • AC 1: INR, 5,165
  • AC 2: INR, 2,990
  • AC 3: INR, 2,040
  • Sleeper: INR, 780

Average Tatkal Ticket Prices of an Adult

  • AC 1: INR, 5,165, Most of the time tatkal is not available
  • AC 2: INR, 3,515
  • AC 3: INR, 2,455
  • Sleeper: INR, 980

Major Stations Falling en route: 
During the course of its journey, train passes through several states including, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. Some of the major stations of the train

  • Mathura Junction
  • Agra Junction
  • Gwalior Junction
  • Jhansi junction
  • Bhopal Junction
  • Itarsi Junction
  • Nagpur Junction
  • Warangal

The train departs from the Sarai Rohilla station of New Delhi at 18:40 and ends its journey at Chennai Central at 6:20 am on the third day of journey. During the course of its journey train crosses many major stations to reach the destination. Passengers can order food for train journey via food ordering app and enjoy them at stations en route. Some of the stations are:

Mathura Junction
Mathura Junction is the first major station crosses by the train. Mathura is popular as the sacred land of Lord Krishna. The train arrives to this pious land of Lord Govinda at 20:45 and stops here for five minutes. It is the important and big station located in the district of Mathura. Being one of the popular pilgrimage sites of Hindus, the station connects all the major cities of India. The city attracts devotees from all over the country. The station offers all the important conveniences to the passengers. You can also order food in train at mathura junction. Mathura is also famous for its sweets “Mathura ke Pede”. You can see the vendors selling this delicious sweet of Mathura at the station area. You must try it and you can also keep it for your journey as it stays longer. After the five minutes of halting, train departs from the station at 20:50 and move towards its next destination.

Agra Junction
Agra Cantonment is the major railway station of the Indian city Agra located near the Sadar Bazar towards the southwest of the city. It is amongst the top hundred booking stations of the Indian Railways. Agra is one of the important tourist spots in India; therefore, the station has a tourist information counter. The station also offers amenities like waiting room, reservation counter, retiring room, vegetarian and non-vegetarian refreshments room, water vending machines and book stalls. Train reaches to the station at 21:45 and halts for five minutes. Passengers can also order food in train at Agra Junction. Gone are the days, when people had to carry the extra baggage of food. Now, you can online order your food from IRCTC e-catering partner for the journey.

Gwalior Junction
Gwalior Junction is an important railway station of Indian Railways falling under the state of Madhya Pradesh.  The city is well connected via train services to all parts of the country including four metros. Gwalior is popular for its royal palaces. The city is a cultural, political and industrial center of India. The train enters the station at 23:25 and departed at 23:30 to reach the next destination.

Jhansi Junction
Jhansi Junction is one of the busiest and largest railway stations of India falls under the Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh. The junction is linked with many industrial and important cities of India. Jhansi Junction has all the facilities for the convenient of the passengers. This station offers you free internet connectivity, AC waiting rooms, and Tturist information offices. Train reaches to the station at 00:56 and departed at 1:08. It is also listed in the list of top hundred booking stations.

Itarsi Junction
Itarsi Junction is one of the major railway stations of Indian Railways where more than 385 trains pass every day. The station falls under the state of Madhya Pradesh and it is the 8th busiest railway station in India. After covering the overnight journey, train reaches to the station at 7:15 on the second day of journey. Train halts at this station for ten minutes which is enough for the passengers to get fresh and have their morning tea. The time when train arrives to the station is perfect to have breakfast and tea. Passengers can also explore the station area and can use several amenities. Passengers can also order food in train at Itarasi junction for breakfast and lunch.  

Nagpur Junction
Now, the train enters to the city of Oranges, Nagpur, at 12:20 and stops here for ten minutes. Nagpur is the city located in the state of Maharashtra and popular as “Orange City” of India. It is one of the busiest and oldest railway stations of Maharashtra. The station receives two hundred and twenty eight trains daily. There are direct trains from Nagpur that connects almost all the major cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru. After the ten minutes of break ten leaves the junction at 12:30 and headed towards its next destination. The train ends its journey at Tamil Nadu Central on the third day of journey at 6:20 am. This is one of the most preferred trains for the people travelling from New Delhi to Chennai.