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Food Delivery in GOLDN TEMPLE ML from local city restaurants.

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  • Golden Temple Mail – Run between Amritsar to Mumbai  
  • Source station – Amritsar Junction railway station (ASR)
  • Destination–  Mumbai Central Terminus(BCT)
  • Running Days – Every day
  • Coach Classes- 1A, 2A, 3A, sleeper, General unreserved coach 
  • Fare – 1A -INR 4825,2A - 2800, 3A- 1900 , sleeper – INR 720 , General – INR 405
  • Departure Time – 21:25 (ASR)
  • Arrival Time –  05:20 Hrs (BCT)
  • Stops –   33 halts en route
  • Pantry Car – Available
  • Journey Duration –  32 hours (Approx.)
  • Running status –  Delays sometimes
  • Journey Distance – 1891 Kilometers

Train overview

Golden Temple Mail train runs between Amritsar and Mumbai connecting two cities together with the railway transportation system. The train connects both towns on an everyday basis with regular service. Amritsar is located in the Indian state of Punjab whereas Mumbai is located in Maharashtra as the capital town of this state. Both Cities shares 1891 kilometers of geographical distance from each other.

The train departs the railways station of Amritsar railways station by 21:25 on day one and reaches at Mumbai central railways station by 05:20 Hrs early in the morning on its 3rd day of the journey. There are many facilities provided on board with a pantry car too providing food in train. If you desire to order fresh and hygienic food from the restaurant in the train then you can order food in train from RailRestro to avail fresh and tasty food at your berth.

Train Route

Golden temple mail Train departs the railway station of Amritsar by 21:25 in the night n its first day of journey and crossing through almost 33 railway halts reach at the station of Mumbai central on the third day of the journey by 5:20 early in the morning. 

The train takes almost 32 hours of journey duration to reach Mumbai from Amritsar.  To complete its journey all the way from Amritsar to Mumbai train travels the distance of 1891 kilometers from source to destination. During its journey duration, the train halts at most of the station just for 2 to 5 minutes. Only Vadodara, Delhi, Surat, Kota Junction and Ratlam junction are the few big halts of the train en route from Amritsar to Mumbai.

Day 1 – Golden Temple express starts its journey from Amritsar Junction (ASR) on day one. The station departs the origin station by 9:25 Hrs in the night. The train stops at almost 4 halts on its first day of the journey. Beas Junction, Jalandhar city and Jalandhar cant are the station where the train stops on its first day of the journey. Ludhiana Junction is the last railway station of the first day of the journey of the train where the train reaches at 23:40 and halts for the next 10 minutes.

Day 2- Train halts at Ambala Cant junction railway station by 13:50 hrs by marking its first halt on its 2nd day of journey from Amritsar to Mumbai. Train halts at Jagadhari, Saharanpur, Muzaffarnagar, Meerut Cant junction and Meerut city railway station during its overnight journey. The train reaches Ghaziabad around 6:20 in the morning and halts for 2 minutes.

Now, the train moves towards Delhi and halts at Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station by 7: 05 hours. The train halts at Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station for 30 minutes and then moves forward. The train reaches at Mathura junction by 9:55 hrs. This town is famous for Vegetarian food items and sweet especially Peda. You can order food in train at Mathura Railway station. Here you can have your brunch for your whole day journey.

Train passes through almost 5 small railway halts and reaches Sawai Madhavpur railway station by 12:55 Hrs. Next, to railway halts are Kota Junction where the train halts for 10 minutes. The train departs the railway station of Kota by 14:25 Hrs and moves towards its destination. Crossing through railway stations of Bhawani Mandi, Shamgarh,  Nagada and finally reaches at Ratlam Junction. Train reach Ratlam railway station by 18:50. You can order food in a train to have your dinner on the train. You can order regional cuisines of the Malwa junction to taste the authentic flavors of Madhya Pradesh.

Passing through Meghnagar, Dahod and Godhra railway stations, the train reaches at Vadodara railway station by late night near about 23:05 Hrs.  The train stops here for 10 minutes and marks the last half of the day 2 journey.

Day 3 – Surat is the first railway station halt for Golden temple Mail train where it reaches by 01:15 hrs. The train has completed the distance 1630 kilometers of the journey from Amritsar to Mumbai.  After Surat the train halts next at Boriwali railway station by 04:20 and halts for 2 minutes. Dadar is the next railway station where the train stops for 2 minutes. Completing the geographical distance of 1891 kilometers all the way from Amritsar to Mumbai, golden Temple Mail finally reaches at Mumbai central at 05:20 early in the morning where the rising in welcomes the passengers with a fresh Morning.

While coming to Maharashtra, the train passes through the beautiful location of Indian town outskirts. You can enjoy the beautiful views from the window side seat of the train.