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Hatia Pune Express 22846: Train Schedule, Fare Details and Route

  • HTE Pune Express – Run between Hatia to Pune
  • Source station – Hatia Junction (HTE)
  • Destination – Pune Junction (PUNE)  
  • Running Days – Everday
  • Coach Classes –  Monday, Friday
  • Fare – 1A- INR 2700  - 2A – INR 1900, 3A-  INR 2000, Sleeper - INR 700, General – INR 400
  • Departure Time – 20:00  Hrs
  • Arrival Time –    02:45  Hrs
  • Stops – 16 Stoppage
  • Pantry Car – Not Available. However, passengers can order food in Hatia Pune Express via RailRestro.
  • Journey Duration -  31 hours
  • Running status – On Time 
  • Journey Distance – 1775  kilometers

Hatia Pune Express 22846: Train Overview:
The Hatia Pune Express 22846 train is an express train that originates from the railway station of Hatia, a major railhead serving Ranchi and overall Jharkhand and terminates at the Pune junction. The train travels the distance of almost 1800 kilometers The Pune express has few halting station. In its journey of 1775 kilometers from Hatia to Pune, the train mainly stops at Bilaspur Junction, Raipur Junction, Nagapur Junction, bhsawal Junction and Daund Junction. The train though halts at also 16 stoppages in its railway route from Hatia to Pune. Passengers can order food in train at Nagpur junction and get delivered in train.  In its journey from Hatia to Pune, The train crosses by the locations of Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh, and Maharashtra.

The train starts its journey on the day one and completing the distance of 1775 kilometers, the train reaches at Pune junction on 3rd Day. The train provides all the onboard facilities to the passengers traveling by this train from Hatia to Pune.  The passengers can book their journey tickets in the 1st AC, 2nd AC tier and 3rd Ac tier coaches for traveling.  Else, passengers can also book their journey tickets in the sleeper class. Unreserved general coaches are also attached in the train providing very affordable means of transportation from Hatia to Pune. You will have all the onboard facilities on the train, but pantry car service is not available. Passengers can also check seat availability in Hatia Pune Express and book their tickets instantly. Passengers can order food via RailRestro food ordering app abd get a discount of 5% on your order. 

Hatia Pune Express 22846: Train Route
The Pune express departs the railway station of Hatia Junction by 20:00 Hrs in the morning. The passengers can board on the train before the scheduled time.  The train halts next at the railway station of Rourkela, completing the distance of 167 kilometers from its origin.  The train stops at almost 16 railway halts en route, however, the halt duration doesn’t exceed more than 5 minutes. The train halts only at few railway stations for a longer duration. The major railway stations are Bilaspur Junction, Raipur Junction, Nagpur junction, Bhusawal Junction and Daund Junction. At these station halts, the train stops for 10 to 15 minutes. You can order your favorite food in train at Bhusawal junction and have it on your seat via e-catering service from RailRestro. It stops at Daund Junction by 01:05 Hrs and stops for 15 minutes at the station and runs non-stop until the destination arrives. The train stops at 02:45 Hrs in the night at Pune Junction Railway station.