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HWH PBR OKHA Express (12906): Connecting Howrah To Okha

HWH PBR Okha Express (12906) is a superfast train which connects Howrah to Okha. The train departs at 22:50 from Howrah junction on day one and arrives at its destination Okha at 20:00 on day three. The train crosses 32 stations to reach its destination. It takes 3 days to complete its journey. HWH PBR Okha Express travels 2586 kms of distance in 45 hours 10 minutes. The train has a pantry car attached from where passengers can purchase their food items and snacks. Passengers’ can also book meal in train and enjoy delicacies right at their seat. Passengers’ use this train (12906) to travel mostly from Howrah to Rajkot, Surat, Ahmadabad, Nagpur, and Raipur.

  • Train Name: HWH PBR Okha Express (12906/12907)
  • Classes: 2A, 3A, SL
  • Service Days: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
  • Stops: 34 
  • Duration: 45 hrs 10 mins 
  • Type: Mail/Express 
  • Pantry: Yes

Major routes of HWH PBR Okha Express
The train starts its journey from day one by leaving Howrah at 22:50 in the midnight. After leaving Howrah Junction, the train starts its second day journey from Kharagpur Junction which arrives at 00:23 and halts for 5 minutes and departs at 00:35. The train crosses 16 stations. The last stop of second day journey is the Bhusaval Junction which arrives at 22:50 and halts for 10 minutes. There are some of the major stations where train halts like Rourkela, Jharsuguda Junction, Gondia Junction,  Nagpur, Bilaspur Junction, Raipur Junction, and Durg junction. These halts give you the chance to experience different local cuisines of different places.

The train reaches at Jharsuguda Junction at 06:28, covering 515kms of distance. Jharsuguda is a district of Orissa. The minute train halts on the station you can sip a hot cup of hot tea and chakuli pitha which is the best for morning breakfast. You can also order food online at Jharsuguda Junction. Nagpur is also one of the major stations where train halts for 10 minutes. The train arrives at Nagpur Junction at 16:20 by covering 1131kms of distance and departs at 16:30. Passengers can order food in advance for dinner via RailRestro’s food ordering app.

Now, the train (12906) starts its third day journey from Nandurbar by departing at 02:00. The train covers almost fifteen stations in its third day journey and finally reaches at its destination place Okha at 20:00. Some of the major halts in the third day of the journey are Vadodara Junction, Ahmedabad Junction,   Viramgam Junction, Porbandar and Hapa. In the third day journey there are two stations where the train halts for the longest time namely Porbandar where train halts for 300 minutes and Hapa for 89 minutes.

Rajkot Junction is another major station in the third day of journey. It covers 2,334kms of distance. Rajkot is the fourth largest city in the state of Gujarat in India. The train arrives at 13:15 at Rajkot Junction and has a scheduled halt of 5 minutes. It’s the lunch time where passengers’ can order food in train at Rajkot Junction in advance and get it delivered by the time train halts. There are some stations through which HWH PBR Okha Express passes and halts for 1 -3 minutes namely Surat, Anand Junction,   Surendranagar, Jamnagar, Lalpur Jam, Khambhaliya, Dwarka. After crossing all these station HWH PBR Okhar Express reaches to its destination at 20:00.