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PURI ADI EXPRESS (12843): Train Route, Classes and Food Options

Puri Adi Express (12843) is a superfast train running from Puri to Ahmadabad. It departs from Puri Station at 17:30 on day one from platform 5 and terminates at Ahmadabad Junction Station at 07:25 on day 3 on platform number 9 (platform numbers may change). From Puri to Ahmadabad, the train covers a distance of 2,135 kms. To complete its journey, it takes 37 hrs 55 mins. The train halts almost 42 stations in its three days of journey and finally reaches to its destination at Ahmadabad Junction. The average speed of the train is 56 km/h. Puri Adi Express operates 4 days in a week which means the train is scheduled on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It has carriage classes of second AC (2A), Third AC (3A), and Sleeper (SL). The train serves its passengers with the pantry car service through which they can order food in train during the journey. The train also has facility of on-board catering or can also order food in train at Puri Adi Express (12843) and enjoy your food at your berth.

  • Train Name: Puri Adi Express  (12843/12844 -Puri to Ahmedabad Junction)
  • Classes: 2A, 3A, SL
  • Service Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  • Stops: 43 
  • Duration: 37 hrs 55 mins 
  • Type: Superfast
  • Pantry: Yes. Passengers can also book food in train via RailRestro to enjoy hot and fresh meal on their seat.

Train Route of Puri Adi Express (12843):
The train starts its journey by leaving Puri station at 17:30. It passes 9 stations on first day, 26 stations on second day, and 6 stations on third day of journey. The minimum halt timing of train in entire journey is 1 minute and the maximum halt timing of train is 30 minutes.  Vizianagaram Junction is the only junction in the entire journey where train halts for 25 minutes which is the longest halt.

The train departs in the evening and passenger can order food in train at Khudra Raod junction which is the third halt after source station. The train halts for 20 minutes at the junction where you can receive your fresh packet of food that you have ordered in advance. The train catches its speed and crosses 19 stations and already started its second day journey by covering almost 820 kms of the distance. The train enters the area of Chhattisgarh where you can experience the lush green paddy fields and varieties of flora and fauna as the state is heavily forested area through the window of train. Raipur Junction is another Junction where train halts at 09:35 for 20 minutes. You can relish your morning breakfast with the cup of tea and coffee and cuisines of Chhattisgarh on the platform. Ordering food online in Raipur junction from RailRestro is another option to get hot and steaming breakfast items for morning.  

After departing from Raipur Junction the train halts at 6 stations and passes through 48 intermediate stations to arrive at Nagpur station at 14 minutes. The train halts at the lunch time so you can have your lunch via on-boarding catering service or can book food in train at Nagpur Junction where you can order your favorite food or special thali which gives you the variety at affordable budget. Finally, the train reaches to Bhusawal Junction at 20:40 for 10 minutes and after crossing one more station the train starts its third day journey. It crosses three more stations after and enters in the state of Gujarat. Puri Adi Express (12843) reaches to its destination Ahmadabad Junction at 07:25 in the morning after crossing 7 stations and 91 intermediate stations.