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RANAKPUR EXPRESS (14708): Train Route, Classes and Food Options

Ranakpur Express (14708) is an express train which runs between Mumbai to Bikaner. The train departs from the Mumbai Bandra Terminal station at 15:05 on day one and terminates at Bikaner Junction at 15:30 on second day on platform number 3. The train comes under the category of express train. The distance between Mumbai to Bikaner is about 1212 kms. The train (14708) takes 24 hr 25 mins to complete its journey. Ranakpur Express operates seven days a week. The train halts at 33 stations to complete its journey and approach its final destination Bikaner, Rajasthan. It has second AC (2A), third AC (3A), and sleeper (SL). The average speed of the train is 49 km/h. The train has no pantry car service but passengers can avail food via on-boarding catering service or one can book food in Ranakpur Express (14708).

  • Train Name: Ranakpur Express (14708)
  • Classes: 2A, 3A, SL
  • Service Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Stops: 33 
  • Duration: 24 hrs 30 mins 
  • Type: Mail/Express 
  • Pantry: No. Passengers can get food in train online via RailRestro and get it delivered right in their berth.  

About Bikaner:
Bikaner lies in a Western region of Rajasthan. The weather conditions are extreme in Rajasthan and night gets chilled cool. The day time is scorching hot in Bikaner. The industrial growth of Bikaner mainly lies in the trading and the production of wool, salt, Gypsum, and minerals. Bikaner is the place where the world largest camel research and breeding farm is situated due to which the city is also known as the name of camel country. Bikaner has a large number of ancient monument, temple, palaces and museums.

Train Route of Ranakpur Express (14708):
The train starts its journey by leaving Mumbai Central at 15:05. The train crosses 8 stations on its first day journey and 22 stations on its second day journey. The minimum halt timing on the station is 2 minutes and maximum halt time is 20 minutes. Ahmadabad Junction is the only halt station where train halt for 20 minutes in its entire journey which is the longest halt.

After departing from source station the train crosses 4 stations and  approaches to Surat Junction at 19:20 and halts for 5 minutes. Here you can have your dinner via on-boarding catering service or you can book food in train at Surat Junction via RailRestro. Now, the train approaches to the further stations and crosses 16 stations to reach to the Marwar Junction at 08:18 in the morning and halts for 4 minutes where you can have a cup of tea and coffee on the platform or tea vender coming in the coaches. Passengers can also order food in Marwar Junction to get hot and steaming breakfast on seat. The train halts at Jodhpur Junction at 09:50 for 10 minutes. If you missed your breakfast then you can have your breakfast at Jodhpur Junction.  You can also order your lunch in advance at Jodhpur Junction because now the train will only halt for two minute at the station. The train is scheduled to arrive its destination at 15:35 on the second day after crossing 8 stations and covering distance of 1,212 kms in the evening.