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RJPB LTT EXP (13201): Train Route, classes and Food Options

Rjpb Ltt Express (13201) is an express train which connects two cities Patna and Mumbai. The train leaves Rajendra Nagar station on day one at 23:30 and terminates to its destination at Lokmanya Tilak Terminal on day three at 11:30 in the morning. The train covers a distance of 1693 kms between Patna to Mumbai. It takes 36 hours to complete its journey and reaches its destination. The train halts almost 65 stations in its entire journey. Rjpb Ltt express operate on daily basis which means, the train is scheduled for journey on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It has classes second AC (2A), third AC (3A), and Sleeper (SL).  The average speed of the train is 47 km/ph. The train has the pantry car service which provides food in train during the journey. The train (13201) also has on-board catering service and e-catering services through which gives you can book food in Rjpb Ltt Express (13201) and you will receive your food at your berth.

  • Train Name: Rjpb Ltt Express (13201/13202 Rjndr Ngr Bihar to Lokmanyatilak Terminal)
  • Classes: 2A, 3A, SL
  • Service Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Stops: 67 
  • Duration: 36 hrs
  • Type: Mail/Express
  • Pantry: Yes

About the Source Destination
Patna is a capital city of Bihar is situated on the southern Bank of Ganga. The city is rich in ancient heritage and glorious historical past. It enjoys the distinction of being one of the oldest cities in the world. The city is formally known with the name of Patliputra. There’re many places to visit in Patna like the Bihar Ancient museum, Buddh Smiriti Park, Patthar ki masjid, Patna Saheb Gurudwara, Gol Ghar, Sanjay Gandhi jaivik Udyaan and Eco Park.

Train Route of RJPB LTT Express (13201): 
The train starts its journey by departing from Rajendra Nagar terminal at 23:30. The train completes its journey in three days. On first day of journey train crosses three stations, on second day it crosses 45 stations, and on third day it crosses 17 stations. The minimum halt timing of the train is 1 minute and the maximum halt timing is 25 minutes. Cheoki is the single station in the entire journey where train halts for 25 minutes and it is the longest halt.

After departing from Rajendra Nagar Terminal, it crosses three other stations. By crossing Danapur station it starts its second day journey. The train runs further toward the next stations and after crossing which cross 18 stations and approaches to Cheoki at 08:15 and halts for 25 minutes. Passengers can order food online in train at Cheoki Junction and get hot and steaming breakfast at their seat. After departing from the Cheoki Junction the train approaches to Satna at 12:10 halt for 10 minutes after crossing five stations. Satna is one of the major stations where you can order food in train at Satna Junction and lower down your hunger. If you are traveling with family then you can order family value meals at Satna Junction and enjoy on your seat.  

Jabalpur is another major station where train halt for 10 minutes at 15:10 where you can experience the beautiful sunset from the window of train. Now, the train halts at Itarsi Junction at 20:23, here, you can order food online in train at Itarsi Junction. After Khandwa the train starts its third day journey and you are in the state of Maharashtra. Rjpb Ltt expresses crosses 14 stations where it makes a halt for 1 or 2 minute and approaches to Kalyan Junction where it halts for 3 minutes. It is the third last station of journey. By 11:30 the train terminates at its destination Lokmanyatilak Terminus, Mumbai.