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Sc DNR Express (12791): Train Route, Classes and Food Options

Sc DNR Express (12791) is a train which crosses the distance between Hyderabad to Patna. The train departs on day one at 10:00 and arrives at Danapur station at 18:55 on day two. The train crosses 28 railway stations to reach its destination. (12791) Sc DNR Express covers 1,829 kms of distance in 33hr and 10 min. It is a daily express train which runs 7 day in a week. Passengers mainly board this train to travel from Hyderabad to Patna, Varanasi, Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhaya, Prayagraj and Warangal. The train completes its journey in two days. The train provide its passengers’ with a  pantry car service where they can have their food in train and the one who doesn’t want to have the food from the pantry service can order food online in train at Secunderabad Junction via RailRestro and enjoy the best flavor to your journey  directly at your seat.

  • Train Name: Secunderabad Danapur SF Express (12791)
  • Classes: 2A, 3A, SL
  • Service Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Stops: 28 
  • Duration: 33 hrs 10 mins 
  • Type: Mail/Express 
  • Pantry: Yes. Apart from pantry car the passengers can order food in Sc DNR Express via RailRestro’s e-catering service.

About Hyderabad
Hyderabad, capital of Telangna state is one of the cities with an IT hub.The city is situated at the bank of the Musi River. Hyderabad was also popular with the name of “The City of Pearls” because in 18th century it was the famous as a trading center for diamond. Telugu is the most spoken language of the Hyderabad, and the most famous thing in the Hyderabad is Biryani. Your trip can not be completed if you haven’t eaten biryani in Hyderabad. Mughlai cuisines are also popular and eaten by the locals in Hyderabad. 

About Patna:
Patna  is the capital city of Bihar. It is a region where many religions including Buddhism and Jainism have been started. It is the 19th largest city in the India. It is the birth place of the Guru Govind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs. Pather ki Masjid is one of the most visited places of Patna. It is situated near Takth Shri Harmandir Sahib, Patna city, which is build of stone. There are many attractions in the Patna like Golghar, Sabhyata Dwar, Gandhi Maidan, Patna Zoo, and Buddha Smriti Park.

Major Routes of Sc DNR Express (12791)

Day 1
Sc DNR Express (12791) departs from Secunderabad Junction at 10:00 on day one. The train crosses 14 stations in day one journey. The train crosses some of the major stations on the first day of the journey namely Balharshah , Nagpur, Betul , Ramgundam. On first day of the journey, the train covers 805 kms of distance. During the journey of the first day the train halts only for 1-2 min. The train has a major halt time for 10 minutes at Nagpur and Balharshah 

Nagpur is one of the major stop where Sc DNR Express halt for 10 min where you can see lots of variety of food stall at the station. Some of the hawker or food sellers come shouting near the window of train to sell varieties of Nagpur or some of them enter in the train. Name of some of the cuisines of Nagpur is santra barfi, shreemal roti, teri poha, samosa and many more, or you can order food in train at Nagpur Junction. At Nagpur Junction you can explore the taste of fresh oranges. Balharshah is also a one of the stations where you can order food in train at Balharshah Junction.

Day 2

Sc DNR Express starts its journey from the Itarsi Junction. The train leaves the platform at 00:23. In second day, journey train crosses 12 stations and its last station is Danapur in the evening at 19:10. There are six major stations come in second day of journey namely Itarsi Junction, Satna,   Prayagraj Junction, Varanasi Junction,   Din Dayal Junction, Buxar.

Allahabad is one of the most important stations popularly known as the name of Prayagraj. It is the stop where train halts for 30 minutes, which is the longest halt in second day journey. You can order food in train at Prayagraj Junction. It is 13th most populous districts in India. After crossing 1,487 kms of distance train reaches Prayagraj at 10:55. It’s the time people need food as a lunch. Passengers can order varieties of food. They can order thalis which is more tasty and beneficial for the passengers as it contain varieties of dishes in single platter which is enough for one person.

Varanasi is one of the oldest inhabited cities, and one of the holiest places in Hinduism. Visitors come here to wash away their sins in the sacred water, to cremate their love ones, or simply to die here to get free from the cycle of the rebirth. The place is also reach in its cuisine like kachori sabji, channa dahi bada, laayia channa and most special sweet dish Bhuniya. Where you can see numbers of food stall at the station. Or, you can also order online food at Varanasi Station. Din Dayal Upadhayay Junction, Buxar are also important stop for the Sc DNR Express where you can order food in train. There are also some of the stations where train halts are:  Jabalpur,  Katni, Allahabad City, Gyanpur Road, Bhulanpur, Dildarnagar Junction. So, experience the traveling with Sc DNR Express and order food at major station and enjoy it at your seat.