RailRestro Delight Box- A Comfort Meal for Your Trip

RailRestro Delight Box a complete veg meal for your train journey. You can order this easy-to-open and eat box to satiate your travel hunger.


Drool Your Tastebuds With Odisha Famous Food on Train

Each region of India offers with unique culinary recipe. Odisha Famous Food on Train has huge demand, know about its uniqueness.


RailRestro Piyo Garam to Ensure Your Comfortable Train Trip

RailRestro introduces piyo garam to make the easy availability of milk, coffee, and drinking water in train for your comfortable trip.

Food in train

Explore the Flavours of Awadh on Your Train Journey

Passengers can order Awadhi food on train during travelling to explore Awadhi cuisines, an integral part of India's culinary culture.


Epic Food Habits of Different Indian States You Must Know

Do you know the epic food habits of different Indian states? If not, read to know about the diverse food culture of the nation.