15 Best Biryani Dishes to Enjoy While Travelling on Train

Food is a complement to a journey, especially when it is by train. Imagine enjoying delicious Biryani while travelling. It would feel good to be lost in the rhyme of track and yummy Biryani with your loved ones on the train.   Biryani is a complet


South Indian Food: 13 Famous Regional Cuisines from India

You know, South Indian cuisine is a deliciously yummy and popular food throughout India. In the food of this region, everything revolves around rice. Here food is generally cooked with Coconut and regional spices.   South Indian foods are well kno


Platters of India: 29 Special Thali from 29 States of India

If you want to explore the culinary diversity of India, try 29 thali from 29 States. As you know, there are 29 States in India, and all of them have unique cultures, customs, and cuisines.   Since ancient times, travellers from all around the worl

World Food Day 2021: Prevent Food Wastage on Train

World Food Day is acknowledged annually on 16 October to honor and celebrate the foundation of the Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations. On this day, more than one hundred fifty nations, including India, unite to spread awareness associate

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15 Best Navratri Special Food, That You Can Order on Train

Navratri Special Foods are meals eaten during Navratri fasting for 9 holy days in honor of Goddess Durga. This kind of special food also refers to Vrat ka Khana”, or sattvic food, which means pure and balanced. Now consider a scenario in which yo