Indian Festivals

Indian Festivals in April: Will People be able to Celebrate?

Our country is in a complete lockdown for 21 days. On 25th March, all the video streaming companies agreed together to provide only premium SD content on cellular networks. Film organization decided to suspend the production of films, TV shows, and web


10 Strategies for Small Businesses to Survive the Corona Crisis

With the stock market plummeting and the world economy in the midst of its worst recession in decades, the COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be worse than the world had expected. Although forecasts vary, many health experts expect the coronavirus outbrea


How to Prepare Your Family at Home for COVID-19

As the Covid-19 cases continue to rise worldwide, we have to be very careful with regard to self-quarantine and social distance. If you are wondering on what measures to take at home to stay away from this deadly monster; then here are some of the impo


Dos and Donts of Social Distancing That You Must Know

Social distancing is a public health practice that aims to limit the spread of infections by ensuring sufficient physical distance between individuals. Measures to ensure social detachment reduces the chance of close contact between people, reduces the

Hanta Virus

विश्व स्वास्थ संगठन को लगा एक और झटका। कोरोना के बाद चीन में फैला हन्ता वायरस

एक तरफ जहाँ पुरे विश्व भर में एकता के साथ COVID-19 नामक वायरस से लड़ने के लिए अनेकों उपाय किए जा रहे हैं , वही एक नए वायरस ने चीन की भूमि पर फिर से जन्म ले लिया है. चारो तरफ लॉक-डाउन की स्थिति ला दी गई है, लोगो को घर से बाहर निकलने के लिए मनाही है . यहा