Indian Railway

Purushottam Express (12801): Train Schedule, Fare Details, and Food Options

Purushottam Express (12801) is a daily train that runs between Puri to New Delhi. It is a superfast train that connects the Land of Lord Jagannatha to the capital city of India (New Delhi). Puri is the spiritual capital of Odisha, famous for its histor

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Top 6 National Landmarks to Experience Patriotism on Independence Day

“Those who won our Independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to the secret of Liberty” Surrounded by Himalayas in the North and Indian Ocean in the South, India is the land of cultural diversity, history and be

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9 Unique Travel Destinations of India and their Specialties

Surrounded by beautiful culture and delicious food, India is unlike any other travel destination. It is crazy and beautiful, all in one unique nation! Ground Rules India requires tourists to have a travel visa, so ensure that you have a valid visa prio

Food in train

Food Options at Hazrat Nizamuddin Junction and Around

New Delhi is an amalgamation of different culture and cuisine styles. People from all over the world reside here which has encouraged and introduced diversity in the culinary culture of Delhi. The population and diversification has established a number

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Sawan Festival: Welcome Monsoon with a Holy Trip to Shiva Shrines

Sawan is the month associated with arrival of monsoon in India. It’s the month where devotion is the only feeling that incorporates divine power in the followers of Lord Shiva. Shrawan, popularly called as Sawan is the specific month of Hindu annual ca