Train Ride or Flight: Which One Would You Prefer?

Trains and flights are the two most fascinating ways to travel in India. One way is where flights are the fastest and most comfortable mode of travel. The Train journey comes with wonderful experiences. Choosing between a train ride or flight, at which


Exclusive Pot Dishes to Excite Your Train Ride

Train journeys are one of the most admirable experiences for many of us. You are looking outside the window, staring at the changing landscape, talking with the wind, and getting lost within yourself. We get spare time on the train to try something new

Indian Festivals

How to Order Sattvik Food on IRCTC Trains during Shravana Month

The Hindu solar calendar’s fifth-month Shravana is devoted to the worship of Lord Shiva. People fasting this month prefer to eat sattvic foods. RailRestro e-catering offers Sattvik food on train to devotees travelling during the auspicious month of Shr

Indian Railway

8 Lost Indian Dishes You Must Try on Train

Lost dishes of India! The History of Indian Food is incredible and is admired globally. Indian foods include all the divine flavours and leave a long-lasting impression. In a country of 29 states, every corner shares an exclusive taste that tells the s

Food ordering in Train

15 Tasty Paneer Dishes That You Can Order on Train

Paneer is Indian cottage cheese made with curdling milk. Whether it is a globetrotter or a food lover, Indian families prefer Paneer over chicken when given a choice on the menu. Paneer tastes good and it is also a rich source of protein. So, Paneer di