Celebrate the Festival of Colors: Holi Special Trains 2020

Holi is one of the major festivals of India. It is celebrated on different dates every year. This great Indian festival is observed at the end of the winters in the month of March after the full moon day. A day before Holi, a large bonfire is lit that


Everything you need to know about Railway Ticket Agents

IRCTC, the official catering and tourism partner of Indian Railways, is one of the largest organizations of India. According to an official data, more than 6 lakhs e-tickets are booked on the IRCTC portal on a daily basis. To make things easier and mor

Indian Railway

UMID Card: Indian Railways Unique Medical Identity Card Scheme

Indian Railways has enhanced the facilities for all employees and pensioners as well as their dependents. The newly launched UMID (Unique Medical Identity Card) seems very innovative and revolutionary. Salient Features of UMID Cards: Smart Health Card

Believe it or Not! They are the Fastest Trains in the World

High speed rail network may be a future thing for India, but for some Asian and European countries, they’re already the backbone of their transportation systems. High speed trains became popular in 1980-90s when France, Germany, and other European coun

Indian Railway

IRCTC PNR Status and Train Charting: What Happens Behind the Scene!

It was the year 2002 when Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) launched its services online with an initiative to host rail services on the web. Whether it’s the IRCTC PNR status enquiry or booking of rail tickets, it served as the b