Check Pnr Status

Check Pnr Current Status

To check your PNR status you simply need to enter your 10 digit PNR number in the search box above and click on blue button “check status” and get your live PNR  status on your mobile phone. To stay updated with your PNR status you can also download the RailRestro app. RailRestro gives you the most accurate information about the PNR status of your ticket.

What is PNR?

PNR is a 10 digit unique number that is provided to the passengers during the journey ticket issuance. The personal informations of the passengers are encoded in these 10 unique numbers. This number helps to get the details of the journey and train status. So whenever you check PNR status the number directs towards your specific seat, coach and train details. 

PNR Status Details

The PNR status gives details about these specific things –

  • Coach and seat information
  • RAC/ Waitlisted berth  status  information 
  • Ticket Upgradation information and details
  • Berth number and details after the final chart preparation
  • Boarding and De-boarding stations ( source and destination )
  • Journey duration
  • Class of travel / Coach classes
  • Fare details
  • Passengers details (Name, Registered mobile number, age, gender etc.)

Where to find your PNR

To find you PNR, you can look up to your ticket.

  • For Tickets Booked via NGET or Via Reservation Counters–   PNR printed on the Upper left hand side of the Ticket. This 10 digit numbers are used to check PNR status.
  • For e-tickets – When you reserve your Indian railway ticket through IRCTC website then PNR number allocated to you is sent through SMS and e-mail on your registered mobile number and e-mail id Provided at the time of Ticket reservation process. when you print out your E-ticket then the PNR is printed on the upper left hand side in a specific column dedicated for the PNR.

Why  PNR is Useful

  • To get the details of your confirmed or RAC/ Waitlisted Ticket
  • To get the journey details
  • To change the boarding station
  • To Access the allocated berth
  • To order food in Train at your berth
  • To make any complainants/ grievances about your journey
  • To Apply for refund / ticket cancellation
  • to Re-schedule your journey
  • To transfer your tickets to someone else
  • For connecting journey
  • To change the Journey date

There are a number of facilities that is provided by the IRCTC and Indian railway authority to the passengers for making their journey a pleasant one. To avail above mentioned things and other facilities provided by the Railways you need your 10 digit PNR number.

How frequently one should check the PNR updates

  • For Waitlisted tickets – If your ticket status is in waiting then you can often check out your PNR status to find out the status of your tickets. You may check PNR status at least 4 times in a day if your ticket is in waitlist.
  • For RAC tickets – To get the full confirmation of your ticket, you can check your PNR status before 2 to 3 days earlier of your journey date. RAC ticket status changes rapidly when the final chart id prepared. So checking the status of your PNR before your journey is must.
  • For Confirmed Tickets – If you are having your ticket confirmed then you can check your seat conformation, coach numbers and berth number when the final chart is prepared. Many times due To ticket upgradation process your berth number and coach class may change in the eleventh hour of our journey. To get the final update of your journey details you must check PNR at least 2 hours before your scheduled journey begins.

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