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You can easily check the Train Running Status or IRCTC Live Train Status of all Indian Railways trains with RailRestro website or app. It is one of the quickest means to spot your train and get real-time status updates of any train. You can find complete details about the train running status, train’s current location, estimated time of arrival and departure, expected delays, and the platform number on which the train is expected to arrive. If you want to know where your train is, then RailRestro will help you track your train with a single click. RailRestro uses accurate GPS tracking system to extract real-time details of the train running status, and thus help train travellers stay informed and plan a hassle-free journey.

Indian Railways, through its digital services, allow the passengers to check the live train running status online and helping them to get details on the exact location of trains along with their estimated arrival time. The main component used to check this functionality is:

Train Number and Name: Every train has a specific number. It’s the relevant five-digit number which is required to check the train status during any time of the journey.

Example of Checking Live Train Status

If you’re travelling to New Delhi via Patna Rajdhani Express, the train number is “12309”, and the same number can be used for checking the train running status.

How to Check the Train Running Status Online

  1. Enter your Train Number or Name: The interface offers a search box where the passenger can enter the train number or name on which the journey is scheduled.
  2. Hit the Check Schedule button: After you enter the train number or name, the interface suggests you the exact train which has to be selected. Click the “Check Running Status” button, and you will get the exact live status of your train in real-time.

What Real-Time Information is Displayed while Checking the Train Live Status?

Once you hit the “Check Running Status” button, the webpage will redirect you to the results which will contain:

  1. A vertical table of the stations en route: The interface will list out the total number of:
    1. Stations
    2. Date of Journey (DOJ)
    3. The exact timings
    4. Arrival/departure time (ETA)
    5. The current status of the train, i.e., its departure on right time (highlighted in green) or any delay (highlighted in red).
  2. Current Departure/Halt Status: The tabular data will highlight the station with a blue dot blinking on the left side of the station name. This shows that the train has departed from the station.
  3. Options to Check the Status for Three Days: Though the interface shows you the current status of train, on the particular date; it also gives you the option to check the status of the next day and the previous day.

Get frequent updates on train running status and plan your journey accordingly. You can also book food in trains online for your journey and get it delivered at your chosen station.

Your Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is live train status?

With live train status feature, you can check the exact location of any train and real time delays, if any. Running status also tells passengers about the estimated time of arrival (ETA) and last reported location of a running train.

2) What is the source of train status for RailRestro?

RailRestro app through its high-end API displays the real-time train running status. RailRestro app gives accurate, precise and updated results every time you send a query.

3) How can check live train running status?

You can easily check live running status of any train with the RailRestro app or website. Download the app from Playstore or go to the RailRestro website to know the exact running status. Enter train number or train name and then hit enter to get the detailed and updated information.

4) How can I check train cancellation status?

To know the cancelation status of your train, download RailRestro app or visit the official website to check for train schedule. As you will enter the train number or train name, it will show as the train is cancelled for the day.

5) Why check live train status?

It becomes very important for passengers to know about the current location of a train and the expected time of arrival at a particular station. Thus, if you have the question “Where is my Train?”, then live running status is the answer. You can also know about the delays and cancellation status of a train with the help of live train status.

6) How to know train running status on mobile?

You can know the train running status on mobile by downloading RailRestro app from Playstore or App store. In addition to the current running status, you can also inquire about live station features, PNR status, train schedule, and train between stations.

7) How to check train departure status through RailRestro?

Download the RailRestro app from Playstore or App store and head over to rail tools and then select train schedule. You can know the accurate and updated train departure time, arrival time, platform number, and halt time for that particular train on a station.

8) How to Check Diverted Train Status?

To know about diverted, cancelled, or rescheduled trains, you can head over to rail tools and click on the train schedule option. The list is constantly updated to give you the latest information about diverted trains.

9) How can I check train cancellation status?

Train departure status feature allows passengers to know the current running status or live train status for any train. You can know the exact departure and arrival time of your train from the RailRestro app or website.

10) How to check Train status through SMS & call?

You can easily check the train live running status by using the Indian Railways helpline number 139. It’s a 24*7 train helpline number for all train enquiries and complaints as well. You can also use the railway helpline number 139 for SMS services. Indian railways customer care number provides different rail services like PNR status, train schedule, live status, and fare enquiry.

11) How to check Live Train Status?

Passengers can check the running status or live train status with RailRestro app or website in a single click. You just enter the train number or train name and get the current location of that train for a particular day.

12) How to check Train status through Phone?

If you want to check train status through the phone, you can do that easily by downloading the RailRestro app from the Playstore or App store. You will get the option to enter train number or train name and then get the exact and accurate running status of any train.