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Travelling in India via train becomes a memorable experience. But long journey in train is tedious and after a time becomes monotonous as there are very limited things to do. To survive a long train journey is a skill. RailRestro, points few leisure time hacks to implement during long run journey which will save you from infinite boredom.

  • Power Naps:
    Power nap is a short 20 to 30 minutes midday sleep which energizes you by preventing stress and boosts concentration and creativity. In recent studies, it is scientifically proved the power naps reduces the risk of heart disease. Take short power naps in train to be creative and pass on your journey with some creative tasks.

  • Read Your Favorite Book:
    If not sleeping, then read a good book. It can be a fun way if you like reading Try finishing a novel in your journey. If your reserved seat is an upper berth, then complete reading your favorite book without any disturbance. If not, exchange the berth with your co-passenger and relax to complete the entire book.

  • Tune-in to Music of your choice:
    Music relaxes your mind and soul. Tune-in to your playlists. Carry your I-pods, tablet, iPad or laptop with the collection of hit Bollywood and Hollywood tracks. It will treat your exhausted mind.

  • Cross-Cultural Know How
    No one is a stranger in a long-distance journey. Chit-chatting with them is a great way to get to know new people and their experience of life. Share your experience too. The exchange of introduction and information helps in making connections which might be useful in the future. It’s something out of the comfort zone but helps to know much about cross-culture of the cities each one belongs to.

  • Stream and watch your favorite movie:
    Watch a movie on your laptop, iPad, tablet or smartphone. Complete watching the web series which were pending. Discuss them with your co-passengers. You will come to know their taste and preference and accordingly watch a movie/web series.

  • Immerse in Nature’s Beauty:
    If you want to run out of the boredom, then watch the scenery outside of the train window. The train crosses through high landscapes, mountains, tunnels, thick lush green forests and rivers. These are the gifts of nature which soothe your mind and journey.

  • Play LAN games:
    As the engine starts to race with natural beauty and stations across the route, switch on to LAN games to enter in a world of animated roller coaster and crazy rides.

  • Play leisure games like Truth and Dare:
    Perfect for a group journey, and popular among the teens, truth and dare is the best leisure game for absolute entertainment in the train.

  • Meet and Greet Elderly Fellow Travelers:
    Be a good lad. Meet and greet elder fellow travelers and discover their interests and help them in finding their ways in small task.

  • Order food in Train: Hot and fresh food delivery in train is a service which every traveler uses to get fresh food in train right at the seat. Order your favorite food from RailRestro and enjoy the journey.

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    Author: Rohit Choubey

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