Padharo Maro Des! Rajasthan is well-known for its glorious history. You will only get an idea of ​​hospitality in Rajasthan at Jodhpur railway station. The beauty of Rajasthan will make you crazy, and its food will make you delight and drool.


Rajasthan is home to cultural diversity with great foods, temples, forts, and fortresses in almost every city. The state attracts food lovers from all the corner and nooks of the world. Ghevar, Kachori, Mirch Bada, and Raab are the best Rajasthani food names that you may be aware of.


Read on to find more about the Royal Rajasthani foods worth drooling



1.  Pyaaz Kachori: When it comes to the street food of Jaipur, the name Onion Kachori comes to the fore. Kachori in Jaipur is very different from other places. These onion kachoris are thin and large, whereas, in the case of crisp, they can fail all other dishes. Hot kachoris are served with sweet and sour tamarind chutney. 



2.  Mawa Kachori is an exquisite and most loved sweet dish in the land of desert. The royal rajwadi Kachori is stuffed with mewa, solid condensed milk(khowa), and is dipped in chasni or sugar syrup; mawa kachori is an absolute treat you can’t resist licking off the dipping Chashni all over your fingers.



3.  Daal Baati Churma is a signature dish of Rajasthan. Unlike Bihar’s famous Litti, baati in the desert area of Rajasthan is quite hard and uneven bread that is cooked with no or less water. Delicious Daal Baati Churma is a threesome of incredible Rajasthani cuisine. An exciting history about Bati is that it was a Raam Baan for the soldiers who fought guerilla war during the reign of Akbar. This Batis was cooked by putting it in the dessert so that it could be eaten when hungry to keep the soldiers energized. Visit Rajasthan once and have Masala Bati to satiate your gastronomy.



4.  Ghevar: Came to Rajasthan and did not eat Ghevar? Alas, it means half of the Rajasthan is still missing in you. The royal and famous dessert of Rajasthan is with ghee and sugar. Ghevar is dipped in syrup and is served with loaded Rabri and dry nuts. The sweetness of Rabri, the unique texture of its base and a little crunchy on the sides will make you drool over it. Yummy! In other places, you will get Ghevar in the monsoon month, but in Rajasthan, you can enjoy it.



5.  Laal Maas: If you want to enjoy the famous food of any state, then Non-veg is the best option. We would suggest you try the special non-vegetarian food of Rajasthan, which is famously known as” Laal Maans.” It is a mutton dish full of spices and aromatic flavour. The mutton dish submerged in Rogan is cooked raw or barbequed on a low flame. Taste the exquisite gravy of Lal Maans with Bajra roti. The curd in the gravy will give you a tinge of sourness, and the red Chilli flavour will smoke your taste bud.



6.  Pali ka Halwa: Rajasthan’s famous dessert, “Pali Ka Halwa”, is the mawa pudding cooked with condensed milk in the furnace. Sweet, delicious, and frowzy describe the flavours of this dish. Maybe you can’t travel to relish the whole of Rajasthani cuisine. Heartbreaking? However, you can order “Pali ka Halwa at Jodhpur station from the RailRestro E-Catering food delivery app and enjoy the dessert on train. It is a sweet treat decorated with pistachios and edible silver foil (Chandi ka work), originated in Pali, Jodhpur, by its maker Gulabji.



7.  Mirch Bada: In Jodhpur, Mirchi Bada is an anytime snack. As stated by globetrotters, Jodhpur’s Mirch Wada is worth eating. One cannot leave the city without having large-sized chillies added with the stuffing of potatoes. Visit the Incredible State of India and enjoy an evening snack at every nook and corner of Pink City Jaipur.



8.  Gatte ki Sabzi: You will find ‘Gatte ki Sabzi’ everywhere, but not the authentic taste like Rajasthan. This sabzi is a tasty Rajasthani recipe made from gram flour immersed in savoury curry. Having this dish with some side-on like Bajre Ki Roti is a desirable pleasure. When you visit Jaipur, look out to get Rajasthani food near you in the streets and stalls. The excitement to explore the delicacies in the place will become a memorable effect.



9.  Mohan Maans: The entrancing dish named Mohan Maans is served to Rajas of the royal city. Meat is cooked in milk and mild spices until the pieces become tender and soft. As the name suggests, Mohan or (Moh Lene Wala) Maans taste best with gravy made by adding fresh cardamom and juicy lemon. If you ever pay your visit to Rajasthan, then definitely taste this superb food, or else you will land up regretting later.



10.  Papad Ki Sabzi: The occupation in Rajsthan excels in making papads. The papad is then distributed across India. Have you ever tried Papad ki sabzi here? The quick and straightforward Papad Sabzi is made with papad, tomatoes and traditional spices. Avoid being herbivores for a day and enjoy this unique sabzi in Rajasthan. Papad ki sabzi will be your ultimate solution if you run out of veggies, as every kitchen is sure to have papad in the cupboard.



11.  Ker Sangri: Marwari foods are just amazing. Ker Sangri s a pickled vegetable made from different kinds of spices. You will get to eat it only in Rajasthan because it is grown in the desert area of Jaisalmer. This traditional delicacy of Rajasthan is cooked by combining buttermilk, spices and water. You can also get its pickle inside Jaipur city. In Rajasthan, Ker Sangri is savoured not just for its taste but also possesses health benefits as it helps in curing cough, cold, and diarrhoea by improving immunity.



12.  Rajasthani Kadhi: Kadhi is a tasty and famous dish in-country and abroad. But you will get the real taste of Kadhi only in Rajasthan. The Rajasthani Kadhi is quite spicy and is cooked in a tangy yoghurt base with gram flour. Thick in texture, this Kadhi dish tastes best with gram flour dumplings or Besan Pakoras. 



13.  Raab: Raab is a Rajasthani breakfast recipe served sour or sweet. The cuisine is as healthy as wholesome oatmeal and gives you fibre and strength. The Savory version is filled with buttermilk, chopped onions, and mint leaves. Traditionally Raab is made with bajra (Pearl Millet), Jau (Barley), and Aata (Wheat Flour). You can relish the great flavour of Raab on the train through RailRestro E-catering.



14.  Gulaab Jamun Ki Sabzi: It is a typical dish of Jodhpur, which is served with faded Gulab Jamun. The flavoursome sabzi is cooked in rich, creamy gravy with small Gulab jamun balls. This sabzi gained popularity when netizens posted the pic on Twitter, captioning Losing Faith in humanity every day, and it got viral. Don’t just go by name; It’s one of the most delicious veg dishes you will ever encounter. Do you want to try it without your visit to Rajasthan? Order it online on the go directly from your train seat with RailRestro.



15.  Dil Khushal Or Mohanthal: Dil Kushal symbolizes something that brings happiness to the heart. The dessert is a fusion of Besan (gram flour), Khoa/ Khoya (Mava), ghee and sugar syrup to make the dessert worth rejoicing. The royal state of India possesses sweet dishes in bulk that gives a head rush like no other. Not just a spoon will make your Dil Khush.


Why is Rajasthani food so spicy, especially chilli?


Rajasthan is a paradise for food lovers, and people here enjoy eating spicy dishes. Besides red chillies, native spices like ajwain, cumin, curry powder, black pepper, cardamom, cloves, coriander, cinnamon, fennel, fenugreek, ginger, mace, nutmeg and many more are also used frequently in preparing Rajasthani foods. All these spices make the dish hot and smoky.


Where can I get the Best Rajasthani Food in Jaipur?


You can get the best Rajasthani food that includes sweets, thali, veg and non-veg in Jaipur from RailRestro, especially when travelling by train. However, many local restaurants and Dhabas serve delicious local dishes to wanderers visiting this place. You can get food delivery in train at Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, Ajmer and all other stations in Rajasthan from this E-catering provider.


How to get Rajasthani food on Train?


Visit the RailRestro website, or you may install its app on your smartphone. Enter the 10 digit PNR number of your ticket. Select the station where you wish to get your food delivered in train. Next, choose the restaurant name and your favourite Rajasthani food and add it to the cart. Now you need to make payment for your order. Choose an online payment option or COD. After this, you will get confirmation of your order in your inbox via SMS and email. Wait till your mouth-watering Rajasthani food reaches your seat.


Food is fuel for the body; Rajasthani food fuels the Soul. So, enjoy the train ride and embrace the best Rajasthani food in the land of kings.

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Author: Sanjay Kumar