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We all love traveling with friends and families. Travelling is an adventure that we plan to bring some changes in our life from our daily routine. Before leaving for a trip, there are a few things that we cannot miss to carry during the journey like medical kits, properly packed healthy foods, drinking water, sanitation stuff etc. Food during the journey is one of the best companions we cannot compromise with. It is one of the musts to carry items, especially when travelling with families or in groups.


Food helps to make your entire trip delicious and flavoured. People have become more conscious about their healthy eating habits, so they prefer to carry food. People prefer to buy food on train through RailRestro. This e-catering service provider serves healthy and nutritious food, and they also provide a huge discount and offers on Bulk food orders. But, sometimes we get confused and puzzled about what to eat or carry during the journey?


Here is the list of 15 healthy snacks you will need to have a great train ride



1.  Fruits


Pack fruits like apples, oranges, and bananas, in your bags. It helps keep your body hydrated and supports immunity for the entire course of the journey. On a long journey, people may face constipation and indigestion problems. To avoid these situations, always carry fruits that contain fibers and vitamin C and high antioxidants. During travel, we also try outside food to change the taste. These foods mostly have oily and spicy substances. However, eating fruits on the journey will help balance the effect of eating such junk foods on the body.



2.  Sandwich


Who doesn’t like a Sandwich! This amazing and easy to prepare snack is loved by kids on the journey. Parents are concerned about their children’s food taste and choices, especially when they are on vacation. Pack food accordingly to take care of their health and hygiene. The vegetable sandwich is a healthy diet to prefer on the trip. It contains vegetables like cucumber, tomato, carrots, and cabbage layered with cheese and mayonnaise that children love to eat.



3.  Mix Bhel


Healthy and time pass refreshments like Mix Bhel are good options when travelling via train. Try eating it as a light evening snack with a cup of tea. Exploring the horizon with a breathtaking sunset, playing music games and enjoying Mix Bhel will surely make your journey more enthusiastic. Furthermore, sharing food with family members during the journey is something that you can count as your forever memory. Mix Bhel contains crunchy mixture like Seo, Peanuts, Green Matar well seasoned with green coriander and lemon. All ingredients in this popular Indian snack are healthy and light to eat.



4.  Homemade Chips


You must know about different kinds of chips made at home like potato chips, banana chips, Sabudana chips etc. These are the best foods that you can carry for your train journey. You can store these chips for longer. Fry it in less oil and pack it in a tight container. Banana chips are super delicious to satiate the taste bud, while potato chips are healthier. You can enjoy this crispy snack sprinkled with black salt and chat masala during the long train journey.



5.  Sprouts


Sprouts are the healthiest morning breakfast to have. Daily office going people prefer to take some sprouts every day to keep the body hydrated and energized. On a long or overnight train journey, never miss packing some sprouts. Along with your sprouts, keep a slice of lemon to add to them. In sprouts, you can add green moong, gram (chana), chopped onion, tomato and cucumber. Mix it well and eat it to experience a spicy and tangy flavour.



6.  Dry fruits


Dry fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. It has a high amount of antioxidants and nutrients that help maintain a healthy bone and tissue. Dry fruits can also help repair damaged tissue. You may fry cashew to enhance its taste. Eating dry fruits with little flavourful spices and black salt would offer you an extraordinary taste. Keep small and travel-friendly dry fruits packets to eat during your train journey.



7.  Popcorn


It is an ideal snack to add to the healthy food list for the journey. Children are always excited to eat popcorns, especially cheese burst popcorns. But try to avoid cheesy popcorns during the journey. One cup of popcorn contains high fiber and many essential vitamins and minerals. Cheesy popcorns have high calories that will not be a suitable and smart food choice for travel. Therefore, you can buy popcorn without cheese and enjoy crunching and munching them on the go.



8.  Healthy Homemade Cookies


It is quite challenging to choose healthy food for a journey when travelling with your family and kids. As kids often demand outside food like chips and cookies, smart parents always look for a healthy option to pick for their children. They make cookies at home and healthily pack this. The mouth-watering cookies are a healthier option that all children love to eat.



9.  Dhokla


These Gujrati healthy and tasty snacks are made in many Indian families. It is a healthy snack and also tastes good. One can easily prepare Dhokla at home. You can comfortably serve this food when you travel with your in-laws or with some aged group of people. Dhokla is made of gram flour, a perfect amalgamation of sweet and sour tastes. The flavour of this recipe is just outstanding. People have this dish with great interest and joy.



10.  Pasta


Pasta is an Italian dish available at every food corner. Moms love to cook this healthy and simple dish for their kids at home. They love to treat their children with adorable Pasta. So, why not choose it as food for the journey. Pasta is seasoned with green veggies and sauces to give it an awesome flavour and taste. Make sure to avoid over-eating it during your journey.



11.  Muffins and Dark Chocolates


Dark chocolates and muffins are a must to carry food items during any travel. You can’t imagine travelling without chocolates. Avoid the milk chocolate and carry some packets of dark chocolates that contain 80 per cent of cacao. Chocolates are well known for their activity in soothing mood and making you calm. During a journey, it will remind you of your childhood days.



12.  Paneer Bhurji


Paneer is a perfect selection of food items during the journey. It contains a high amount of protein and is also liked by every age group. You can keep dry Paneer Bhurji to eat. Pack them with bread, rotis or pav. While eating, add some veggies to this to make it a bit healthier. Avoid eating fried Paneer as it may overload you with extra calories.



13.  Upma


India’s favourite breakfast food, Upma, is also healthy and light. Rava is rich in protein, iron, and vitamins, and this is frequently used to make the Upma recipe. There are varieties of these recipes available, among which the Moong daal variation is loved in North India. If you look for a lightweight yet complete meal on wheel, try enjoying the Upma snack from RailRestro.



14.  Peanuts


No other dish would match the essence of peanut for a train journey. It is India’s most loved food that passengers like to munch during the train ride. Peanuts are loaded with fiber, protein, and fats. Surprisingly, peanuts have good fats that don’t harm your body. So, carrying a packet of these healthy snack nuts would be a great treat on your journey.



15.  Chakli


Traditional Chakli is a spiral food which is also light and a lovely snack. It is also called Murukku in South India but can be found everywhere. What makes it the perfect snack for your train journey is that 1 Chakli piece contains 150 calories. Therefore, it will suffice your calorie need during the journey, especially if it’s a longer duration ride.


These days the e-catering facilities on board offer to order online food on train, and they assure healthy and hygienic food delivery on time. Today, there are multiple food delivery service providers, but not all serve quality food. However, E-caterers like RailRestro have won passengers’ trust by providing the best meals on Wheels. They have reduced our stress of carrying extra food baggage. RailResto, as one of the authorized e-catering food partners, has solved the problems of rail passengers. You can trust its services and can order your meal online.


How to Pack Healthy Food for Journey?


The important thing that comes to mind is how to pack a healthy snack for travelling? Here are tips to help you understand the process of food packing.


  • You are required to pack your food items earlier. You can pack rotis and veggies an hour before leaving.
  • Use jute handled bags to pack your food. Avoid plastic bags.
  • If you do not want to carry the empty containers, use disposable ones that you can discard easily.
  • Avoid oily and spicy food that spoils your bag and containers.
  • Carry disposable plates and glasses to eat.
  • Keep tissue paper to clean the mess.


Should We Avoid Oily and Outside Food During the Journey?                         


Yes, homemade dishes are highly recommended to consume. One should avoid processed or packed items during a train journey, especially for a long journey. Always keep the food items light and healthier to consume, which can easily be digested.


If you are a fitness freak and a health-conscious person, always remember to carry your healthy food on train during the journey. Every halt and stoppage has a fast food corner that can attract you to eat unhealthy food. To stay away from this, keep your mind determined about consuming healthy foods only.

Enjoy your train ride and trust the best food delivery in train providers like RailRestro. Tell us which snack you would like to eat from the above-listed food items.

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Author: Sanjay Kumar