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Social gathering, celebrations, festivity, food and events are some of the synonyms to define the zeal of welcoming the New Year 2020. The entire globe gladly welcomes the New Year with immense pomp, show and fervor.Some choose to travel to a new destination or some choose to celebrate it at their home. However, if you’re traveling via train then e-catering facility is also active through which the passenger can order food online in train to enjoy the journey with tasty food. As per the Gregorian and the Julian calendar, the New year day is a national holiday which is celebrated as a festival across the globe with various cultures and traditions. This coming year, 2020 is also predicted with an upward spike in the field of science and technology, as inventions are going to define what the future holds. With high-speed rails connecting from Beijing to London to paper-thin OLED screens, the birth of flying cars to implanting of microchips in human brains; the technology will move to another undefined level. Though the first day of the year is celebrated with high-spirit and predetermined resolutions (which fail after sometime), some countries have special and strangest traditions to celebrate this day. Let us take a tour of the countries following these weird traditions from ages.

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Colombia: Suitcases and Legumes
Everyone loves to travel as it brings a change in our sedentary lifestyle. Travel refreshes and energizes you for a new beginning. Colombians believe that carrying a suitcase at midnight and moving out for a stroll will assure them with lots of travel opportunities in the upcoming New Year. Since Colombians are passionate travelers, they consider it as their most important tradition. Hold on! Another surprizing tradition at Columbia on the New Year is to carry lentils in the pocket. Yes! As per Columbian beliefs, it ensures a bountiful and abundant new year.

Japan: 108 Night Bells
The auspicious New Year in Japan is welcomed by ringing 108 bells in the entire Buddhist temples. As per Buddhist philosophy, it is believed that ringing 108 bells on the eve of 31st December will make humans free from the 108 worldly desires and sins. The noise of the bell purifies the soul. The famous attraction is The Watched Night bell, in Tokyo. Spiritual way to start New Year! Also, the Japanese eat one of their traditional recipes called “osechi ryori” and their most loved dish “Sushi”.

Denmark: Smash the Plates
It’s not any vandalism! In Denmark, it is believed that smashing and breaking dishes on the doorstep of friends and family will bring fortune and good luck for the New Year. As the clock strikes 12 at midnight, people all over Denmark start smashing their porcelain dishes on each other’s doorsteps. This tradition is also followed by many European countries. It is observed that the porcelain manufactures empty their stock and sell their dishes especially for the New Year’s Eve. It is believed that the higher the heap of broken crockeries found on your doorstep, the more luck, friends and prosperity you will have in the upcoming year.

Spain: 12 Grapes at 12 PM
Considered in both the categories as a tradition or superstition, the Spaniards, at midnight eat 12 grapes as the clock strikes 12. When other parts of the world are busy in watching fireworks and gulping down glasses of wine, the first 12 seconds are very intense for the people of Spain. None of the residents take risk to miss this tradition as 12 grapes symbolize 12 more lucky months in the New Year.

Switzerland: Dropping ice-creams
Can you imagine dropping a scoop of ice-cream on the floor for health, fortune, money and prosperity? That’s something not easy as ice-cream is our favorite dessert. In Switzerland, dropping ice-creams on the floor is considered as a good sign which brings luck, wealth, friends and peace in life. Strange!

Puerto Rico: Driving away the Evil Spirits
It’s difficult to relate to how buckets full of water can drive evil spirits away. But that’s true! Citizens in Puerto Rico believe that throwing pails of water from the windows drives the evil spirits away. Surprizing way to welcome the New Year!

Peru: Time to Fist Fight
Peruvians celebrate Takanakuy Festival on 31st December by organizing a fistfight. In this, the locals fight out their issues with the hope that they can start their broken relationship with a new beginning and now on a new slate.

Chile: Graveyard Treat
This is one of the strangest and horrifying ways of celebrating the New Year. On the eve of 31st December, families gather in the cemetery and sleep in the graveyard with their loved ones who are resting in peace. Chileans do this to attract good luck and fortune.

Ecuador: The Burning Scarecrow
In Ecuador, the locals’ burn paper filled scarecrows in the midnight. They also burn the photographs of last year. All in the name of good fortune, the tradition continues and it is believed that every worries and negativities are burnt in the fire for a new beginning in the New Year.

Ireland: Where Bread Relieves from Spirits
Legends and superstition in Irish history are many. One of them can be seen in the New Year celebration. The country is famous for its tasty and durable confectionery items, especially bread. Apart from exchanging gifts and merry-making, when the clock strikes 12, everyone is out of the door and throw a piece of bread in the front door. As per Irish beliefs, this tradition swipes hunger away through the upcoming door. The bread pieces are left for birds.

These traditions are incredibly fascinating. Have you tried or willing to try anyone of them or do you have your own? Feel free to comment below.

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