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It’s time of the year when people transcend to their home from all across India. One can see the enormous rush at every travel options available to people in India. They very atmosphere during this season is believed to kindle the nostalgia among all of us. People love to head over to their ancestral villages and make the most of it.This festival is considered to bring peoples to their roots. It has been considered as the festival which inculcates the feeling of love among the people. We as a humans are wired to find appreciations and love from our near and dear ones. This festival gives true definition to our quest for love.

In order to curb the heavy trafficking during holi season, Indian Railways has made several additional arrangements which include the following: 

1. Northern Railways: Northern Railways will run special trains on Chandigarh-Gorakhpur, New Delhi-Barauni, Lucknow-Kolkata, Katihar-Firozpur and Anand Vihar to Kamakhya.

2. Western Railways: Western Railways will run two extrs trips of Holi special superfast AC train between Mumbai Central and New Delhi on a special fare. The trains will run on Bandra– Mangalore Jn, Ahmedabad –Patna–Ahmedabad, Patna – Ahmedabad and Gandhidham–Bhagalpur route among other routes.

3. Northeast Frontier Railway: Northeast Frontier Railway is going to run special Holi trains between Kamakhya-Anand Vihar and Katihar and Firozpur.

4. Konkan Railways: Konkan Railways is also running special trains on special fare between Bandra and Mangaluru Junction in co-ordination with Western Railway to clear passenger rush during Holi.

As we are aware that Holi is primarily associated with making fun and relishing the sweet treats, Railrestro shares some hand-picked Holi festival foods one should check-out during the homecoming train travel trip:

  • Gujiyas: Also known as “Star Sweet Of Holi”. Native to Rajasthan, gujiyas are sweet dumplings made of maida or flour and filled with a delightful khoya and dry fruits mixture. The festive favourite in three different avatars – Baked Gujiya, Chocolate Gujiya, Coconut Gujiya. The prime difference that lies among these variants are the fillings that are used inside the Semolina (suji).

  • Malpuas: Malpua is a traditional sweet of north India, it is a pancake like Indian dessert, fried in ghee and dipped in sugar syrup. From the traditional recipe to one with a healthy ingredients, we have it all! Some of the healthy variants include Paneer Malpua and Ragi Malpua.

  • Bhaang ki Pakori: Bhaang is a popular intoxicating drink prepared during the festival of Holi. According to legend, bhaang is considered to be an auspicious drink which was consumed by Lord Shiva. Give your Holi soiree an extra kick with these high spirited treats.

  • Thandai: Holi festival falls in the beginning of summers and this is the time to share something cool and refreshing drinks which can soothe the body. This serves as the best traditional drink during the Holi festival. With rich ingredients like almonds, saffron, milk etc, this serves as the best treat for people who come to celebrate the Holi Milan gathering at your place. If you are ordering food in train, don’t forget to check for cool thandai shakes.

Prepare yourself for an overdose of all this sugar and spice. Even the food coma you’ll be in for days afterwards will be well worth it. After all, you get to use ‘Holi’ as an excuse only once a year. Order food in train and get discounts from Railrestro this Holi festival season.

Make this homecoming journey more merrier by ordering food online in trains for your loved ones Via RailRestro- official e-catering partner of IRCTC.

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